Hello There

Since July 7th, 2003, I have kept a journal on my website documenting the ongoing creation of the Mary-el Tarot.  I think it might be finally time for a change! 

Some back-story; my name is Marie White and I am an artist who is obsessed with creating a tarot deck.  I began in early 1998 thinking it would be a fun channel for my creative energies and it rapidly became my love and life’s work.  I feel as though my whole life has led up to this, or at least that is my delusion and I fully enjoy it!

I love art, LOVE IT!  I can look at art every waking minute of my life.  And I love seeing art in everything, the beauty and symmetry and perfectness of everything, all the time.  Tarot weds that visual ecstasy with spirituality and mysticism, if you wish and dare, and with those gut squeezing, chakra jerking things we cannot fully define or understand but name, anyway, archetypes.  It embodies a universal key, an example of pattern through which one can understand the reasons for being and life.   It is a periscope to your subconscious and it is ink on cardboard.

I love tarot.

So, for 10 years I have painted my images, fretting, pulling my hair out, dancing with excitement and reveling in new discovery.  Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail, but I always continue the journey and this is what it has become.  The tarot is creating itself in the process, both guiding and being made and taking my life along with it.  It has been great.

I am currently working on the 7s.  Next will be the 8s, the 9s and then an that need touch-ups or reworking, then a book of some sort and then I will be done!


You can see all the cards and machination’s at www.mary-el.com.

I will try to figure ut how to move over my journal archives, but until then I will keep moving forward here.


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1 Response to Hello There

  1. Connie says:

    May I ask why is it called the Mary-El tarot? I recently discovered that Mari-El is a Russian republic but I don’t see the connection with the Mary-El Tarot.

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