7 of Swords III

The night before last I finished the final drawing for the 7 of Swords and then yesterday I got it mounted and ready to paint.  Should be dry by tomorrow and I can’t wait to get painting on it!  Here’s a few scans, the finished drawing and the last rough sketch.  I like doing rough sketches <g>

7 of swords final sketch

Looking at them side by side now I think I had the head shape better in the rough, huh.

When I look at this image I see a lot of images; I see a cresting wave, I see a barrier between the night sky and the heavens, I see the edge of a black hole, I see Loki and Raven and Prometheus stealing the Sun.  All of these things layer one upon another and in the language of the subconscious it all means somthing similar.  It’s like the same song played on many different instruments and you still hear and recognise the melody. 


I’ve been thinking about this whole concept of stealing from the Gods, it is such a prevalent theme in mythology.  It seems to me that it mostly provides fodder for the Gods wrath with the hero running like hell and eventually succumbing to a curse or monstrous transformation plus banishment.  The sucessful ones seem to be demi gods themselves or at least under the protection of other Gods.    What does it mean?  Does it mean you have to be very powerful to acheive the retrieval of a true innovation?  Is it rare?  I intend to read up on some Joseph Campbell and see if he talks about it tomorrow.   I’m not locking this card into that being the only meaning by far, but its a meaningful link for me.

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2 Responses to 7 of Swords III

  1. irmata says:

    Marie, I hope you know how anxiously anticipated the completion of your deck is – it is simply stunning! Between the amount of research you have put into this and your obviously very natural bent for symbolism & mysticism, this deck is going to deliver readings like WOAH ;D The detail you manage to cram into such a small art space is astounding and, even if small thing will be lost in the final product, they are still _there_ and that counts for a lot. Thank you so much for sharing along the way; I appreciate the trust it takes to make your work freely available.

  2. tarotsmyth says:

    Thank you Irmata. It is so freeing not to worry all the time about things being stolen, and what I have gotten in return by far makes up for it! It’s good to know I’m not alone out there:)

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