7 – Starry Knight

Drat!  I forgot I had to wait for my umber wash to dry!  I hate that!

Tomorrow, or Wednesday then.

In the meantime, here is a close-up of the towers in the raven and snake eyes.  It’s a detail that will never be seen in the completed cards,I’m sure, it will just be too small, but I, we, will always know its there!



This actually gives me some time to work on the 7 of Disks.  I have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to do but I think it’s going to be hard.  I want it to look like an old raven.  What does an old raven look like?  I can imagine that it has extra thick scaly feet and dull, seen better days feathers, maybe a scarred beak, but what else?  If it doesn’t look old I think the effect will be lost.  It could also start falling into owl territory; oh look at this black owl.  Not good.  Not necessarily bad though come to think of it.


I am still thinking about repainting the 7 of Cups.  I totally see that one.  I like the old one just as time goes by I think I can do better.  Screw it, I’ve already obliterated anything resembling a reasonable time period in which to finish this deck! 


I am going to go work on them now!

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3 Responses to 7 – Starry Knight

  1. Ian says:

    While I really love your new site, I would miss Mary-el.com if you decide to move for good – it is so personal, so you, so attached to your work, both containing and embodying it, that it would be a pity (and the domain is so you, magical name and all).

    But then, I (and some friends, too, thanks to me telling them about your work) have been waiting for your deck for 5 years now, and being heavily influenced by it in the meantime, growing along with the Mary-el tarot, seeing the synchronic connections between the cards and our lives… I’m digressing, sorry.

    …and since we’ve been waiting for so long we won’t just walk away for such a minor thing as a change of website. Like, really.

    One thing that I humbly request is that all those tiny details (as the towers reflected in Raven and snake’s eyes or the landscape that can be seen in the eye of the Queen of Disks) that can and will likely be missed by us get at least mentioned in the book that will come with your deck (like, pretty please?)

    With love that comes from a common loved subject, from Chile (really!),

  2. tarotsmyth says:

    Thank you Ian. I find it amazing that people from Chile would be interested! I am definitely not abandoning the old site, just the journal section.
    It never occured to me that people would read along and experience the cards as well, thats AWESOME! I woud love to hear some of your experiences some time.
    There is another detail from this card I don’t think I’ve mentioned (or if I have I have forgotten), in the emerald, the jewel in the birds beak, there is a 7 pointed star. I love them! And they are hard to draw!
    Thank you for commenting, it motivates me to keep writing, I’ve been feeling a bit out of it latey.

  3. furiana says:

    Mary, I’m another who’s been following the deck’s progress but maybe hasn’t been speaking up. I love the detail, too! But most of all, I love that the deck has as a whole definite identity, if you will. It’s so rare to find a deck that works on three levels: the particular details within cards, each card as a whole, and the deck as a whole. Rare, and exceptional! 😀

    I don’t know. There’s not really a point to this post. But the seven pointed star – it’s beautiful!!

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