New Card! The 7 of Swords, Starry Knight

7 of Swords You can see a bigger version here:


I had such a great time working on this yesterday!  The big tree outside my window bloomed these fluffy pink flowers for the first time since we have lived here and it was covered with tiger swallowtails, hummingbirds and bumblebees.  I watched out the window and listened to music and painted, painted, painted, until about 11pm when I decided it was done.

I was a little bit disappointed this morning when I went to go get it to scan it in as the colors had sunk a little during the night.  Part of it is a patience problem, on my part, because I need to let it dry and varnish it to even out the shiny and not shiny areas.  The other problems are that I am still getting the hang of painting without turpentine, which is causing the shiny issues and I have been using zinc white instead of titanium white for highlights.  I should be using it for mixing and tit. white for highlights.  Oh well, now I know.  


At first I thought I would wait a day or two for the paint to set a bit and then redo my highlights, adjust some of the contrast issues – when the paint sunk the darks got lighter and the lights got darker, the raven was nearly completely black and the snake was white.  I had underpainted the snake with a rainbow of colors to make it somewhat opalescent, and it was subtle, now you can hardly see it.  But, I figured i would scan it in anyway because I got my new scanner and I was excited to try it out!  After sitting with the image for awhile it is growing on me.  The colors moving to the middle have given it a really warm, dusk or dawn look.  It looks like a sunset.  Perfect for this card don’t you think?!  So I think I will leave it awhile and see.  If a week or two goes by and I change my mind I will work on it a little more, if not I will leave it, just put some varnish on.


I noticed while I was painting it that it was very similar to the World in composition.  The World, though, is more like the personification of the Universe, God or Goddess, whatever you want to call it, and the 7 of Swords here is more like the personification of the line between heaven and earth.  I can’t tell you how familiar this scene is to me!  It makes me feel very good.


It’s funny, last night I brought the painting in to show Michael and of course the first thing he asked me was what it meant.  Shocked!  Taken aback I was!  It’s stupid I know, but all of a sudden a books worth of info flashes across my mind and refuses to funnel itself into a bite sized chunk.  That is often my problem!  I need to earn to take it down, OR better yet, to stand with a foot in each world, equally.  Don’t you think that is a little bit of what this card is about?  Master of Paradox.  Or the struggle to be.  Anyway, this card means a lot of things to me, a lot of similar layers and what I need to do is bring them into a common denominator that will point people to the aspect of this card that is best for them.

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6 Responses to New Card! The 7 of Swords, Starry Knight

  1. dovelove says:

    I love it — the Raven, and I love the green stone (crystal?) in his mouth. I was so captivated by it, I wasn’t seeing the 7 of Swords in it. But now I do — he’s scavenged, or rather swiped, heh, him a sparkly green treasure 🙂 I love looking at it. Both because I have a special affection for the Crow and that’s a fabulous image 🙂


  2. Ian says:

    Once again, you’ve drawn my current state.

    It’s perfect, and I can feel the futility that might come when a clever action isn’t turned into something more concrete and sacred – and the opportunity to do so.

    And I agree: it is also about the line between the Invisible and the Visible, as much as it’s about crossing that Line.

    But, is Raven stealing the Emerald from Heaven while the Serpent tries to stop Him or is He trying to return it to the Supernal Place?

    Trying to find out who’s bad and who’s good is pointless. It is a card of paradoxes… and reconciliation.


  3. dovelove says:

    It’s the nature of the crow or raven to steal shiny treasures (like jewelry). I was noticing how the green color and the snake both represent healing. The snake is also a potent sign of transformation. When I blend all that together, I get that we ultimately grow/heal from taking that which isn’t ours — those “shiny” things we think we want. Whether we steal them, deceive others, or just deceive ourselves in the process of obtaining them, we ultimately discover the lie and it heals/transforms us… I think the Raven’s green treasure here aligns with Frodo’s ring — and all those other “shiny” things that captivate us, imprison us, and ultimately the loss of which sets us free.

  4. tarotsmyth says:

    Hi Dovelove,
    I will need to get a little write up done for this card and post it to explain better where I am coming from. I think you have it though. I like that you say green is healing, that is perfect. I don’t think I equated it with Frodo’s ring but I totally think you are right . Frodo’s ring was corrupting though, I wonder why and I wonder how it might relate to this card.
    I was thinking along the lines of all the mythologies where an agent would steal a treasure from the gods and give them to mankind, like Raven stealing the sun or Prometheus stealing fire. As though god wouldn’t give it to us freely. Maybe its that we feel there is more to be known and since the gods aren’t giving it up we will have to come up with another plan!
    I Was looking at the RW 7 of Swords and I think the tents are the heavens where the mysterious gods live, veiled and separate but not impenetrable. What do you think? ~marie

  5. Ian says:

    Oh, yes! The tents are the heavens, yes, yes, YES!

    (my deck is a Waite Smith)


  6. dovelove says:

    To me, in both cases, the ring or the emerald, it represents the material — and our gawd-awful obsession with it. Materialism is corrupting. All ya’ have to do is look at our world and that’s readily apparent. We value “stuff” more than human beings, ourselves, our precious animals and even the planet where we live … Frodo’s ring is just a symbol for all of it — we’re hypnotized by it, our crazy-love of the material is potent. Again, captivating, it holds us captive.

    But it’s really not about the material — it’s about us. We allow it to captive-ate and corrupt us…

    The tents? Yeah, the tents represent those with the power, or rather those who we BELIEVE have the power. So we try to empower ourselves by stealing some of their stuff — to supposedly empower ourselves. But look at the next card, the Eight of Swords. No powerful image there, au contraire 🙂 The swords are now surrounding him. Like I said before, a prison. But a prison of his/our own making. We learn through our obsession with the material, we learn through taking that which isn’t ours. We discover that there’s no REAL power in it. And look at that rough journey, 7, 8, 9, 10 of Swords … but when we reach King status, we’re one sharp cookie 😉

    Frodo became the “King of Swords” through that mighty rough journey. He discovered that there is no real power outside of himself — he is the power… The power is not to be had via stuff or assorted “gods,” it will only be found within us. This is what we are here to learn.


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