7 of Cups Revisited

I had a frustrating night at the office (what else should I Call it?  The paintuary?  Ha!) last night.  Last week I got in my new scanner and printer and I just got them set up.  I scanned in my 7 of Cups, as I promised, expecting to get a better scan now that I evened the shiny spots out with a temporary varnish.  Ho no!  It didn’t go down well at all.  It was so shiny that it picked up little reflections all over it in the scanner.  I couldn’t figure out a way to get around it and so my new scans were by far worse than the old ones.

I c

an get some matte varnish but you can’t use any that I know of until the painting is at least 6 months old and I am simply not that patient.  I am thinking this is a sign to scrap that painting.  I was thinking about it anyway because I just feel ….well, it isn’t having the impact it could potentially have.  I think I can do better and I Want it to be a better counterpart to the 7 of Wands.

2 steps forward, 1 step back.  That’s ok, I learn immensely from every rendition so they are all successful even if not usable in the deck.  Who’s in a hurry?

I think I am just going to start using turp again.

You know, I’ve been so busy I never even sat down to figure out what my card was this year.  Let’s see….

5+5+2008 = 2018=11, 2 and 20.  Strength, High Priestess and Judgment.  Yes, I feel this to be true.  It’s going to be an interesting year.


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