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7 of Disks II

Rex is sick so I missed my turn in the office Friday night but got in there a few hours yesterday.  I spent a lot of time drawing feet and hands and then when it was time to clean up … Continue reading

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7 of Disks I

I had another vision last night.  I was working on the sketch for the 7 of Disks.  As I have mentioned I planned on making an old Raven, but was having some trouble figuring out how to depict an old … Continue reading

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7 of Cups complete

The radical idea worked out!  I basically sat down with a prepared board and just went for it.  It felt great!  I really like how it came out.  I felt like I was calligraphy or Chinese brush painting at first … Continue reading

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Bruce D. and 7C

I am trying something radical with the 7 of Cups!  I don’t want to say here though because I am feeling superstitious, that if I say what it is it will get jinxed.  Isn’t that funny?  I started on that … Continue reading

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Neverending 7

I’ve been playing around with the design here a bit, the (not very) old one was kind of depressing looking.  I tried a few things then decided I should use the 7, at first the 7 of Cups but even … Continue reading

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Dog Dream

In my dream last night I drove up to my house and realized that some generous people had installed a fence and a chicken coup in my front yard, complete with chickens! ****I should mention that I have been talking … Continue reading

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7 Cups Spilled

You won’t believe this, I have been sitting here for about 2 hours pouring out my soul on this freakin’ thing, detailing how I have had all kinds of technical and electronic problems, including lightning, that have prevented me from … Continue reading

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