7 Cups Spilled

You won’t believe this, I have been sitting here for about 2 hours pouring out my soul on this freakin’ thing, detailing how I have had all kinds of technical and electronic problems, including lightning, that have prevented me from posting and from saving scans of the 7 of cups, and I just selected all the text to copy and paste it in word so I wouldn’t accidentally lose it, and I accidentally hit paste instead of copy, pasted some stupid crap from my clipboard earlier and lost the whole thing!  I feel like I am just going to cry!    I can’t go back through it now!


The last thing I Was writing was that I realized the other day that I had thought the black hole I used to always feel was gone, in fact when I started studying kabbalah is when it left, but it is really still there it just now masquerades as different things which I fill with an obsessive desire to reach nearly impossible goals.  I’ve done it my whole life, I realize.  Is it normal?  I don’t know, sometimes it has served me well and other times…..  I think over the last few, 10, years I have seen the sucking blackness as a sort of call for action, a higher direction to follow and maybe, now I am wondering, it doesn’t mean a thing.

Dammit I can’t believe I deleted all of that I prefaced this with!  Oh well, I guess the important information was my apology to anyone hoping this deck would be done soon because …..well, I don’t think it will be, and my confession about the death of the 7 of cups.  Summary, it should have been easy but it progressively got worse until it was horrid and now it is dead.  I thought at least some of it was due to my feeling of disconnect from the earth here. 

And I was never being realistic with respects to how difficult the minor arcana would be.  In fact, it has turned out to be, for me, richer and more enlightening than the major arcana and in that vein is taking a long freakin’ time to do. 

For the last few days I have been mourning the 7 of Cups and figuring out how to pull back and come at it again from a different angle. 

Maybe I need to give up my theory that life is a great adventure that I am priveledged to be experiencing right now and there is great work to be done, mysteries to be delved and love to be shovelled out, eagles to fly with, and just accept that life sucks and then you die.  NAHHHHHH!!!!!   BRING IT ON! 




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1 Response to 7 Cups Spilled

  1. Ian says:

    Life is a Drama, a soap opera, a videogame, yes, an adventure, but also a work to do.

    As far as I know, that void is a Call – _The_ Call – and it never goes away. One can’t just follow it blind- and sheepishly; you have to own it, make it yours, surrender your soul to it.

    I like the theory that we have a daemon -you painted it on The Star- that compels us even if we don´t want it. Your deck is the way that your daemon is talking to you. Perhaps your deck IS your daemon.


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