Neverending 7

I’ve been playing around with the design here a bit, the (not very) old one was kind of depressing looking.  I tried a few things then decided I should use the 7, at first the 7 of Cups but even using the sketch it wasn’t right, so I used the one I could count on, the 7 of Wands. 

I have been contemplating the 7 of Cups.  I think I was trying to get too much detail, I so worried about the small stuff I failed to take care of the overall image.  I mean, I tried, but failed, because I was concentrating on the wrong thing.  The big picture.  I still need to think about it some more, and I won’t be surprised if it takes a few more attempts.  Once again the tarot gods are demanding patience of me, my most sorely lacking attribute. 

Have I mentioned the Neverending Story here?  You know, that children’s fantasy movie that came out a long time ago?  I did remember one day that it had two dogs, a black and a white, with similar …somethings….to what I saw in the 7 of Wands and 7 of Cups.  I went to to the other day and look at these two images from the front page:

I thought it was interesting.  It does have a little bit to do with me, I think, because if you have seen the movie, and if you haven’t you should, the thing that stops the nothing from taking everything is believing and giving the Queen a name.  Name the nothing.  Use your imagination. It’s one of those things that I can’t really explain in words but I understand it.

One of the things Plato talked about in this metaphor of the chariot is that sometimes if the horses weren’t controlled the white horse would follow the black horse instead of you!  Not good!   Sometimes I like to think about how these concepts relate to the RW minors because I really think they were a work of absolute brilliance and insight.  What I see is that all of the different filled cups are follies, perhaps, and one thing needs to be chosen and the horses directed there.  How do you choose?  You have to listen to yourself, you are the highest authority on your self.

Which brings me to another distantly related thought.  Animals.  When I first started connecting with other people into mysticism, metaphysics, etc. one of the first things I was introduced to was the idea of animal totems and really I have never questioned it since though I have always had difficulty with the concept.  I simply don’t have one animal I have a special bond with, I have had experiences with many animals, they have changed as my lessons and circumstances changed.  There are a few, a core group, perhaps, that I have worked with, but hasn’t everyone?  And I figured out long ago that (in my stream of belief anyway) we revere those animals whose existence impact us the most or did once when we interacted with the wild more.

The other day I was thinking about Bear, and my experiences with bears (even Rex was asking me about bears, and one of the family names in my ancestry is Urso), and I thought of a dream I had once where a bear told me his totem was man.  That’s something we don’t often think about.  If we can have animal totems, can they too?  What/who does a hummingbird have?

The thought just popped in my head that it wasn’t right, for me anyway, to think of totems the way I had been it takes some of the power away from me and who and what I am.  Animals can be my friends and I can learn from them and I can communicate with their spirits and they may come to me and I them, but ultimately there is a gigantic power in my humanness simply because it is what I am.   I don’t think I am communicating it quite right, but the greatest power comes from you, your higher self, your heritage, your humanity, your ancestry.

Maybe its just about your self.  Trust your self beyond everything else, unless you are a total dumbass! LOL  Sorry couldn’t resist!

It’s been a killer week, Sophie went to Middle School for the first time Monday and Rex went to his first day of Kindergarten yesterday!!!!!  My babies!!!!  I love them so much, I am so proud of them!

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