7 of Disks I

I had another vision last night.  I was working on the sketch for the 7 of Disks.  As I have mentioned I planned on making an old Raven, but was having some trouble figuring out how to depict an old raven, lol!  As I closed my eyes to see it I was overtaken by a powerful image.  The raven wings were there, outstretched and their blackness filled everything below their shoulders.  There was no head, but instead it was replaced with a glowing sun rising or setting, as though the shoulders of the wings were the horizon.  You could just barely see the feet below and they were walking with strong intent, is the only way I can think of putting it, and where the feet met the earth they threw off fire.

In one hand it held 3 coins and in the other, 4.

Whoa!  Another unexpected turn in the making of this tarot!  Sometimes I find these things scary, not in the usual sense, but in the way of going into the unknown.  I would like to at least believe I have some control but its proven to me over and over again I don’t.  

I was writing yesterday, while waiting in carpool, a very fortuitous time for me to think, lately! about how people interpret and organize things in a million different ways for a million different reasons but none of them change the underlying truth.  Here is where I am, interpreting a truth like so many others have done.


I found the vision a little perplexing.  It game me a very weird and powerful feeling, much more than usual for this kind of thing.  I noticed a lot of physical reactions, like breathing harder, a full feeling in the solar plexus, a speeding up of the heart, a fullness in the head, crawling skin.  But I wasn’t sure who or what it was.  I told my friend Randy about it and he immediately envisioned it and told me he got the name ‘Ramouth’ which I still need to follow up on.  I told Michael about it and he immediately said, “Sounds like Ra” then he looked for and showed me an image of an Egyptian winged Sun disk!   Ahhhhh I forgot!  And I usually would never think to equate anything sun-like with a suit of Disks but then I am always amazed at how full the different elements show up there.

I’ve been thinking about it all night, and I will add a few names, Ra, Demiurge, YHVH, and my old friend (not really) Metatron.  A lesser, personal God.  A creator God.

This morning (I marked it!) at 5:55AM I made the connection that I had been calling the 7 of Cups a demon which needed to be named so then here is a God which needed to be named.  I thought, and think, that it is a heavy card for a 7!  You would think, at first, that a godlike image would be a 10 or a 1 or a zero, something complete or at the beginning or the end, and yet it is in 7.  7 is a number of completion though but this also speaks of there being more.  I wonder, is this MY personal God, or a symbol of everyones personal God?   It is more of a Lord of this World God, an Old Testament God but not the whole completeness of the Universe God.

This actuay makes me happy because 7 deserves to be big and grand, its a very important number. 

On the home front I have come to a decision.  North Carolina is not my cup of tea.  So I plan on making several million dollars and moving us all to Carmel-by-the-Sea.  What?  It could happen!

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6 Responses to 7 of Disks I

  1. Ian says:

    Saturn on Taurus. The heaviness of matter, the card of stone and patience. Failure (Crowley’s limted name for this card – the card of their Tarot even depicts geomantic sign Rubedo, the last alchemical stage) and Patience in one.

    A demiurge or a golem would be great. A demiurgic, golem raven?

    Now I’m thinking of a rusty metal raven…

    I’m not sure I understand how Ra fits this card. I guess I’ll have to see it (I’ve never connected to this card). And, of course, I have personal interest on seeing it.


  2. Z says:

    I think you need to either find a nice sand pit,
    or moist soiled clay area and immerse your hands into the ground
    then close your eyes and tell us what the earth says when you touch it


  3. Tarotsmyth says:

    Ra- I think it is an answer to my question about how to portray an old bird, a winged sun disk, is there anything older? LOL!

    Other than that I think Ra is another demiurge type God, a very important one as he is the Sun personified.
    The Sun is the most important thing to us, the center of our existence on earth. But we know there is a lot more out there that goes far beyond the sun, so the sun becomes just a symbol of something centered, life-giving, steady. The Sun isn’t God but a symbol of God.
    I think the 7 of Disks marks the end of creation as we can physically experience it and perhaps will then change to a more universal point of view, perhaps the point of view from our godlike enlightened nature, a view from the part of us that is bigger than just our physical bodies.
    It occurred to me that this card is not about (my opinion only) looking at the work you have done as a human, but your godlike nature, your higher self, looking at the person that has grown, or even God, however you define it, seeing its creation.
    Just some thoughts!

  4. Tarotsmyth says:

    Z that is so descriptive of this card!


  5. Ian says:

    Yes, there is something older: cave paintings. I will refrain from commenting further, trying not to influence that much in *your* work. Z’s comment made me think of it and, should I ever make a Tarot (unlikely), I know what I would use for this card.

    Also, I recalled something I intended to post last time but forgot (paradox): 7 of Swords is Thought, so 7 of Cups must be Memory – Huginn and Munnin, as you once mentioned.


  6. Tarotsmyth says:

    Memory, yep!

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