7 of Disks II

Rex is sick so I missed my turn in the office Friday night but got in there a few hours yesterday.  I spent a lot of time drawing feet and hands and then when it was time to clean up and go I realized I liked my very first quick sketch the best so it was all for naught anyway!

I did have a good time deciding what to put on the 7 coins though; I decided on the 7 classic planets, of course.  Then, they had to be divided between 3 and 4, spirit and materia.  I did it like this:


1. Sun

2.  Moon

3.  Mercury


1.  Venus

2.  Mars

3.  Jupiter

4.  Saturn

Let me try them like this….

Sun          Moon



Venus                      Mars


You might notice that Sun and Moon could be switched to align with Chokmah and Binah on the tree of life.  The reason I have it this way is because I see it twisting like the 2 snakes of the caduceus, back and forth, male and female, mating, merging, etc.

Sun/Moon/Mercury = Fire/Water/Air   Sunday, Monday, Wednesday

Jupiter-Air, Thor, lightning, Thursday

Venus-Water, Freya, Friday

Mars-Fire, Tuesday, Tew or Tyr

Saturn-Earth, Saturday, Chronos, Time, Old Man/God

One of the main tensions I always deal with in working with the planets is that there is a difference between the actual order they are physically in and the order in which they affect us as humans.  For example, the moon is huge as far as affecting us, our evolution, our psyche, our symbolism, but is far less significant to the whole of the solar system which has many moons.  As with everything else I will try to find a complimentary balance, some sort of symmetry between them.

When it comes down to it they are just symbols.

Anyway, I like this kind of stuff!

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