7 of Disks Chemical Wedding


I’m working on the 7 of Disks right now but felt like chatting a little bit too.  I am putting an aura like thing around the coins, presently. 

I was thinking about a news blurb I saw where artists were creating this huge painting of the White House for the RPG convention, wow it was awesome.  It was huge.  The painting was flat on the ground and they were walking on it using wood to make straight lines, they put it down then used brushes with long enough handles to hold while standing up then they went along the edge.  It looked very nice.  Gawd, I love art.  I love it so much I feel like I could explode from it.  Why?  I don’t know. Life is way way way too short.

Hey!  Look what I just figured out how to do!  I can add video, mwahahaha, things will never be the same!  Ok, this is the movie  that Bruce Dickinson did!!!   Still lovin’ on Bruce!

Now, I am not this huge obsessed Crowley fan but I do like him and his work very much.  It has been a constant for me for a very long time and it is something I refer to often.  It’s hard to explain but I feel like I get him.  He isn’t mysterious to me, much I read by him makes easy sense to my way of thinking and it has been a big influence on my work.  I will admit a little bit of a grandiose thought that I do sometimes feel my hand is guided by, yes Crowley, and others too, other people I admire, Pamela Colman Smith, Frieda Harris and many others.  It’s almost like there is a goal that had a beginning and will have an end and it is taking many people to weave the threads of it and I am one of those peons on the way.  A channel or possessor of the tarot serpent soul!  Here’s a question, was I born to it or did I make myself the path of least resistance?  Again, life is so amazing.

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