The above is a video for the song Ian suggested was like the 7 of Cups and turned out to be a song I had been listening to the whole time I worked on it but never put 2 and 2 together!  (This is an acoustic version)


I finished the sketch for the 7 of Disks! 

Now, this is mostly a guide so I can see where I want to paint things and not representative of the final colors or shades so don’t put too much into this except the general feel, composition, etc.  The Demiurge!  Creator God!  I love it!  I hope it turns out!  It gives me the funniest feeling in my gut every time I even think of it.

I also just varnished the last 2 paintings, the 7C and the 7S.  I have been having problems scanning them.  I thought it was my new scanner but it turns out, I think, it’s the dark color, it somehow pisses off scanners and makes them pick up a nasty glare.  I’m not sure how to solve it yet, whether I will have to resort to photographing them or take it someplace more professional to be scanned, or just modify the image in photoshop.  Ugh, I hate doing that, if only because I know the way it is will lose some of the detail I like. 

Something I have been up to the last few days is consolidating all of my tarot stuff into one spot.   I set up some bookcases and shelves and all my books, decks, and miscellaneous tarot memorabilia are now there.  When cleaning out the bookcases I found all kinds of stuff like decks I forgot I had or that I used to love and now totally neglect.  I realized I don’t care for a lot of them anymore.  I’m really interested in old decks, used decks, old Rider Waites and ones in different languages and books and I know I am totally biased but the decks done by my tarot friends.

One I forgot about…..Tarot Revisioned by Leigh McCloskey.  Wow, now that’s an excellent artist!  His stuff is amazing…..blows me away.  I hope he does a full deck someday.  Here is his website:  http://www.leighmccloskey.com/index.htm

I did find something really interesting.  I found an old ratty tape with the label all peeled off, sitting on the top of the bookshelf collecting dust.  I put it in the car tape player today (didn’t have one in the house) and it was what I thought it was!  A remnant of my old life, a recording of my old band.  It’s an incredibly bad recording, unfortunately.  It was a practice tape.  We used to record all of our practices but there was no effort for quality, just something we could listen to to go over stuff, point out mistakes, etc.  It was basically a little tape recorder that was totally overwhelmed by the VERY loud noise.  There’s only a few songs on there and its all instrumental.  It’s probably close to 20 years old.  Man I’m getting old!!!!  I’m going to try to get it into the computer and I’ll post it for anyone who is extremely brave to listen to lol.

It’s so sad I don’t have more….no videos, no ……..wait I think I know someone who might have a video!  I’ll see what I can do!

I had to listen close because the recording is so muffled but I figured out which drummer it was and it was who I thought it was (sorry! lol!)  He was one of the most talented musicians I ever met, really awesome.  And like all drummers I think he was a different species of human too.  He used to do torturous things like his counts at the start of the song were dependent on some formula only he understood so you never knew if you should start on a 3 count or 4 count or 2 count…Anyway, another thing I don’t think I have ever admitted to in any way but in my head, but I had a major major crush on him for many years.  Don’t worry this was long before I met Michael!

And with that I bid you adieu.

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