New Card 7 of Disks

I have finished a new card, the 7 of Disks!

(this is what I posted to my newsletter, old news to anyone reading along here!) 

    I was working on this sketch for the 7 of disks, the raven friend of Odin, Muninn, which mans ‘memory’, when I was very impressed by the mental image of not just a raven but the wings forming 2 mountains on a horizon and the head of the creature the rising Sun.  I saw it walking with flames and sparks flying his feet as they hit the ground and in its hands were 7 coins; 4 in one, and 3 in the other.    


     7 is very significant to me and it was a major milestone to reach the 7 of Disks.  Back into prehistory 7 has been a meaningful number for people.  It is the number of the classic wandering and visible planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn plus the Sun and the Moon and these are the symbols on the coins. 


     Pantheons of Gods were associated with these 7 and reality was evolved or manifested through their 7 layers.  Things that counted seven were considered magical or lucky and to do something 7 times could make it come true.  7 is the number of colors in the rainbow, the visible spectrum of light. 


     There are some colors that are not visible, though, and planets that were not visible to the ancients, Neptune, Uranus, and the Earth itself which they didn’t realize was also a planet.  For these things that are beyond what is visible to the naked eye, we have the 8, 9 and 10.  This is one of the reasons I find it so perfect to find a creator God here, because it is not the end, or the ultimate God which is more transcendent like the Ain Soph.


     I have taken to calling this card ‘The Demiurge’ as it reminds me of a creator God, builder and divine architect of the Universe.  I paid homage to the God of the Freemasons and William Blake’s Urizen and ‘The Ancient of Days’ with the ray of light shaped like the Freemason’s compass. 


    On August 1st, I was so moved watching a live feed of the total solar eclipse from China.  What an affect a magnificent total solar eclipse would have on ancient people and what a potent symbol it remains today.  It is the ultimate bird in the sky (be it an eagle, phoenix or raven) as the corona at totality resembles an outstretched pair of wings and rays for tail and head; and an amazing coincidence that the moon just so happened to be the perfect size and distance between the earth and sun to cover it so perfectly.  Sometimes I think of this as proof of some magical symmetry that exists in the Universe and I was happy to include it in this card as well – the Sun and Moon coming together and making something rare and special happen. 



     One of the major inspirations for the whole set of 7s was Plato’s allegory of the soul.  The 7 of Wands is the white horse, the 7 of Cups is the black horse and the 7 of Swords is Reason, that controls and balances the white and black horses.  The 7 of Disks is the whole Chariot, and the two Towers, and perhaps this is the power of balancing their elements.  I did notice that there was a shift in perspective while working on this card and I was able to see things from a point of view outside myself.  For example, looking at the Rider Waite version of this card I did not see myself, a querant or any person looking at their good work but rather a God looking at the good work the person was.  The person was the bush. 


    This card, along with all of the sevens, inspired so much information, investigation, myths and stories, art and joyful learning and introspection; it would be hard for me to include them all here, now.  They are everything the Tower and the Chariot is, and the elements, and many millennia of human mythology, and who knows what else!  I will consider them successful if they inspire in people the same questioning and answering that they did in me! 



I also added to my website 4 pages that show the cards from each of the suits.  Since I printed my own prototype deck one of the coolest things I have found is seeing the progression through the suits as you can see stories and threads developing there. 













Thank you for reading and all of your support!




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5 Responses to New Card 7 of Disks

  1. Ian says:

    Wow, God/Munnin is invisible! You don’t know it’s there until you have a broader view (the other sevens).

    The planets are the fragments we perceive of the Heavens beyond Munnin. On the 7 of Swords, Huginn takes us there to get the Emerald, only to find a Serpent that reminds it of Earth.

    Oh, yes it works! I can see it! And no Failure at all (even though the danger of a Prison is there)! And Munnin watches, just like the farmer on WS, too!

    Love it!


  2. Majka says:

    This is such a powerful card. As I look back on the Minors though, it seems I always say….”wow! this is the best” with each card. Then the Disks arrives and I have to say :This one stands out from the rest”. It is probably my affinity for the Disks…being very earthy myself (dbl Capricorn). Its is also no suprise then that I can’t wait to “own” this deck…have it in my own hands. Feel the power….Mua ha ha !


    But seriously – thank you so much for sharing your process with us.

  3. Tarotsmith says:

    Thanks Ian!!

  4. Tarotsmith says:

    Thanks Majka! I so glad people are liking this card because I know it is different from the usual, though its all an evolution. I wonder what the 8s will bring? Only 8 more cards to go!

  5. velvetinabat says:

    the glyph for Mars? I haven’t seen it like that before – resembles Neptune.

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