Hawks and Burning Houses

Earlier today I was sitting here and a movement outside caught my eye.  I looked up and it was a hawk diving down into my yard!!! 

I watched for a moment then ran outside, as quietly as possible, with 2 half naked kids and golden retriever puppy in tow (lol, can you be more noisy?)  but of course it was already gone and there was no evidence of why it was there.  I noticed the hawk hanging around a lot sometime last year I think and lately I hear it all the time when I go outside, though the trees are so dense I usually can’t see it.  I wonder if it has a nest in one of my trees?  I did notice the squirrels aren’t all over the place like the usually are lately.

When we got to the end of the driveway Rex said “Look eagles!”  It was a just a pair of crows in the yard across the street.  How sad that this kid who can identify any dinosaur known to man by small variations in the bone structure but doesn’t know what a crow is because he never sees them.  I don’t know why crows don’t like my yard.

I had a dream the other night I am still thinking about wondering what it meant.  In the dream there were high winds and a nearby cornfield caught on fire.  The embers blew on the wind and set a tree in the yard on fire.  I called the fire department but they never showed up. The fire spread to the house.  I kept calling but no fire truck.  I saved the kids, my paintings, the family pictures, the pets and a computer.  Michael was at work.  The whole house ended up burning down. 

Now that the 7 of Disks is done I look at it and it does look a bit like a burning house, doesn’t it?  Sometimes I think of Disks or the earth element, as a house, and a reflection of your inner state of mind.  Like, I notice the state of my house usually reflects the state of my mind, clean or cluttered, disarrayed or on top of things.  Maybe your house is a space you occupy beyond your body.  Not a unique concept, peoples homes often *feel* like them. 

What is the fire?  Is it the soul?  Or the divine spirit?  Does it consume the body like fire consumes wood?  Is it a Chariot of Fire?  A Fiery Throne?  A Lightning Struck Tower?  <g>  Icarus flying too close to the Sun?  Is his waxen wings a symbol of a delicate ego?

Maybe that’s just a parting impression of the 7 of Disks.  I love that card.

I am ready for the 8s!!!

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