This is going to be a good day!!!  I pick up Michael from the airport later; he has been in San Diego for a conference and I miss him a ton.  (Next year they will be going to Puerto Rico and we are talking about all of us going!!) And this is the first day of track-out for the kids, phew.  That was a grueling 9 weeks.  The way the schedule is set up and the distance between Rex’s elementary school and Sophie’s middle school, I am driving back and forth all day long, and the day starts at 5am, and I am NOT a morning person.  So now we get a 3 week break and the best part is that I get to hang out with the little rug rats all day!

With Michael gone too this week I haven’t had any time in the office.  I have hardly had time to sit down and make notes even.  Yesterday I was driving Freya to the doctor and I had so many ideas that I was furiously scribbling words onto the palm of my left hand at red lights. 

The 8s, so far, are such a great feeling!  Exhilarating!  I feel like all the loose ends are coming together.  Questions are either being answered or feel very close. 

I am hoping to do this one as a set.  Occasionally I am thinking the set might not just be the 8s, though, I might do, say, the 8 and 9 of Wands together, then the 8 and 9 of Cups, etc.

There is still the mystery of the 8 and 11.  I feel like there is more there than meets the eye.

You know what will be fun when I am done with this tarot deck is that I will be able to linger on interesting subjects unlike now where I have to constantly whip myself into being focused.  Right now I would love to spend some more time on the Hebrew alphabet, the english alphabet, correlating them with the major arcana and more gematria of course, but I just don’t think it’s all that relevant. 

I understand some people would see it as highly relevant.  If your goal with tarot is to present one point of view then I would agree, I want to not necessarily keep it open to different points of view but to attempt to find the underlying archetypes which enable those points of view.


I had this idea yesterday that it seems possible to me that the whole monomyth, the whole recurring themes that repeat over and over in humans myths, religions, dreams and stories, those things that feel so special and meaningful to us on a gut level but we don’t know why, that maybe they are a pattern of life embedded into our dna or something similar.  Something that came about by evolution and is passed along familially.  Many or all of the elements of the things listed above are symbol-speak, a pattern for a human life and some of the challenges we will face.  To what purpose?  To give us an instinctive framework on how to develop and maybe even to cue biological processes like growth and puberty.  And they can certainly affect emotion and thoughts too.

I also thought that along a similar vein, the thing that is really special about people, and I don’t mean to imply better than anything else -everything else has its own specialties, is language.  When we became able to speak and further to write, we took an evolutionary leap. What if that was prefaced by a mutation of sorts that made us want to express that life pattern with our voice or hands in symbols?  A curiosity for patterns and symbols, expressed?  I don’t know if I am expressing myself well enough here, but the way I see it it explains the meaning, the purpose, of music and art and dance, they are the primitive roots of the skills which enabled us to use language and writing. 

Anyway, it would be a lot of fun to explore those kinds of things in more depth but I have to stay focused. 


So, I have been contemplating the 8s like crazy, and by extension the 9s and the 10s….the 8s seemed to be what was needed to see those clearly as well.  I’m really excited about it!

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