Table of Correspondences


I have taken the last few days off of working on the images to settle the correspondences.  I just couldn’t focus, I had to keep referencing all these different things and finally said “Enough!  I have to take a stand and mark these down once and for all!”. 

I have no delusions that all of the correspondences will fit together like a puzzle, I know they won’t and shouldn’t, they are individuals, but they each tell a compelling story and frankly, I love them.  It’s the pattern I love, it’s a story I never tire of.

But there is peril to me in working on this because I get sidetracked!  It’s funny, I was looking up something in 777….I wanted to compare the translation of the Hebrew alphabet to English in that stream of thinking when I found an interesting paragraph I hadn’t taken note of before; Crowley said he was discarding the Sepher Yetzirah because he couldn’t confirm the authority of its author.  I thought that was a huge illustration between my and Crowley’s world view.  To me, it is a document which has been meaningful to a lot of people for a long time, a very long time, and that gives it authority and meaning.  Just like an old arrangement of the sephiroth on the tree of life – you could rearrange it to be your own tree, or to make it more meaningful to you, but will you create something that will inspire people to make their own trees for hundreds of years?   Of course I try not to judge a lifetimes beliefs in just one snippet trapped in time.  It’s all an ever shifting dragon!

I do have some very definite ideas about what I am going to do with the 8s.  I am sorry I haven’t been keeping updates here.  I was thinking about how I used to jot down the ideas as they came to me here in this journal and now I am much more private about it.  There is two reasons for that; the first is that I have a bit of superstition about it – that if I show an incomplete idea it will taint it somehow, the second is that the way I have been writing about it lately is closer to a stream of consciousness type thing full of super bad grammar and typos (even more than usual, ha!) and disconnected thoughts and ideas.  It wouldn’t be pretty.

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