Misc. art plans

One of the things that has been impressing itself in my mental images about the 8s is very bright clear colors.  Which brings  back to my quest for perfect color, the holy grail. 

I am disappointed in how my darks have been coming out.  They look ok, and just ok, in real life but are scanning horribly!  I am thinking about trying some new mediums and techniques again.  I am even playing with the incredibly wicked thought of breaking out the *Choke, gag, wheeze!* acrylics.  Has it really come to this?  Yes it has.  Perhaps it is time to bite the bullet and adopt a low-fat painting lifestyle – supported by modern conveniences and molecular biology.  After all, plastic is good enough for the Queen Mary!  It should be good enough for me!

Now ink is not new to me but very old.  I used ink far before I used, or maybe used proficiently, oil paint.   I used to be the local ink expert.  Now I barely use it.  Pity.  Ink = beautiful darks.  Maybe I need to go there once again.

I have also been thinking for a while that I would like to do a hand lettered alphabet for the card titles.  When I first got a computer I went crazy playing with all the fonts!  But they have lost their luster to me in recent years and look canned.  I see the same thing over and over again, it has the same feeling as us artists that didn’t use airbrushes used to complain about airbrushed artwork, too perfect, too smooth, lacking in chaos which is the vita oregano.  I would like to see an artists hand in the titles as well as the art.

Another thing is that I have been totally enjoying my borderless set of cards!  They really go together well!  You can see the images just flow together when they are missing the borders.  I don’t know how practical it is to produce them though, I know there would be a problem cutting them so you don’t have a sliver of image bleed onto it’s neighbor.  I would like to look into it though or at least have it an option.  How, then, would I give it titles?  I could make a little banner and put the titles in that.  Maybe I will have to alter some of the images a bit to make it work.  If it could be done I think it would be worth it.

You know I am just being facetious about the airbrush remark.  It is just another tool and there is some beautiful work done with an airbrush though it does tend to get looked down on by the fine art community.  Now I suppose most of that would be replaced with people working on the computer, and again, it is just a tool.  I should think of color the same way, whatever it takes to move that image from your mind to a physical foundation is ok.

Just some thoughts about art.

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