Saturday morning

It’s a new day and I am wondering what I am going to do today regarding the tarot.  I had another productive session in the office last night and the card is starting to take shape.  I noticed that it is starting to resemble a coat of arms, which I thought was interesting.

I have to say that again I was originally leaning toward a more shamanistic slant on these cards, the 8s, but it just didn’t work out.  It is as though it seemed great but as I looked at it, it was like a reflection on the surface of a pond that I could brush away with my hand and see things deeper beneath the water.  Strange.  You would think there wouldn’t be much deeper than the natural world around me, or all of us, but for some reason I cannot articulate, there is.  Perhaps it is because these things symbolize the most important experiences in a human’s life, relationships, childbirth, death, etc., and the most appropriate symbol is chosen (by what criteria I do not know) and some geographic specificity isn’t necessary.

Not that I don’t think there is power in that! I think it is incredibly powerful!  But for whatever reason it is not the *level* that I am illustrating in this tarot.  I seem to be attuned to a specific frequency, if you will, of symbolism and I am not allowed to deviate too far from it. 

It just occurred to me that explains the Hierophant.  A lot of people prefer the second Hierophant with the woman walking in the wheatish fields.  I get more mail on that than anything, I think.  But to me, even though I see her value, she isn’t the *right* Hierophant which is the one nursing the sycophants. 

My friend asked me what I was going to do about it recently and I answered that there was no question I had to use the Hierophant that I see as the truth even if people don’t like it.  The same goes for the Aces which disturb a lot of people.  I wonder, when I go out to find a publisher, if the publishers will try to get me to dump any of those cards?  Should be interesting to see what happens there.  Maybe I’m just projecting my own expectations there huh?

The 8s, amazing amazing cards.  I only hope I do them justice.  Ha!  Seriously!

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