Freya Star


Freya has recently discovered that she can wish upon a star.  It is the cutest, sweetest thing ever as she looks at the night sky and says her words with complete sincerity and belief and faith that she will get what she is asking for, which is a dolly.  Thinking about it this morning I realized that I have been neglecting the Star aspect of the 8s.  I am still doing the 8 of Swords, but maybe in one or two of the other 8s. 

There is a lot of detail in the 8 of Swords so it has been time consuming.  I should have something to post soon.  I am still really enjoying working on this one, contrary to what you might think for those higher number swords!  Well, I like Swords, I don’t really buy into the gloom and doom of them.  I see that they are double aspected, sure, but it’s all a state of mind, it’s all POV.  Of course I have the luxury of saying that because I am not in the middle of a personal crisis.  I don’t know that I would assign the really big crisis’ to the higher numbered cards anyway – I’d be more likely to put them in the center, in the 5s and in the big major arcana like the Tower, now those are the cards that will kick ones bootie. 

Gosh, I’ve been feeling so good and relaxed about it.

I actually am going through a sort of personal crisis, a financial one, but when am I not? lol.  It has really come to a head though and we are going to have to take serious action.  Bah.  It looks like we won’t be moving any time soon so I have to just accept where I am and learn to love it for the time being.  But, I don’t want to dwell on that stuff too much.   That’s just busy work until you die!  The good stuff, the meat of life, is seeing your little girl wish on a star, that is what life is all about.  If I had only one moment of life, it could be that one and I would be happy.

I recently got my Literatarot copy!  I will put a pic at the top of this post.  They are so nice.  Beautiful in every way.  It would be nice to visit their patron one day, the Museo Dei Tarrochi, the Tarot Museum in Italy.  Arnell Ando was the coordinator and she was great, so nice to work with.  Check out how gorgeous this place is!

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