8 of Swords II

This morning there was a herd of deer on the lawn of our next door neighbors house!  Wow!   The animal population seems to have exploded here, there are baby everythings all over the place.  One morning we were driving by the cows, I think they are black angus, and there was one baby so new his fur was still wet and he had an umbilical cord hanging down!  I will always remember that, seeing him standing there in the damp grass on a misty morning.    We had a death too, one day bringing Sophie home from school we noticed vultures circling on our street and wondered, hmm, did something die?  We looked around and next door (the other side) there was a dead oppossum.  Now, we have had an oppossum eating our cat food every night for about 2 years now.  We get a kick out of turning on the porch light and watching him, so cute!  As far as oppossums go he was a handsome one.  Well, that was him, and now the cat food dish sits quiet at night:(  Darn, I miss him.

I havn’t seen the hawks lately and the squirrel population seems to be growing again.   

I didn’t get the card ready to paint this weekend as I had hoped due to kids with ear infections and such; but I am playing catch up and the thing is sitting on my kitchen counter now with a layer of matte medium drying on it.  I realized too late that I forgot to add the lock on the gate!  I have been going back and forth on wether I should still add it or leave it as is.  Should this gate be locked?  I thought so, I thought it required a key.  If it doesn’t have a key, what is reuired to open it then?  Just to have the will to do it and to take the action of stepping through.  I don’t know I will have to think about it. Yesterday, all of a sudden, I just had a flash of understanding where all of this made sense and all of the questions I had about the purpose of the elements and the relationship between the 1 and the 8 and the different aspects of the different 8s.  I tried to explain it to Michael but found that it was really hard to articulate!  Plus I start to notice that I sound like a dufus, talking about all these different symbols which have a lot of meaning to me but not necessarily a *conscious* meaning to anyone else. I’ll try to get it into words by the time I finish with the 8s.

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