8 of Swords III


            I just snuck off for a few hours to paint on the 8 of Swords.  I could have gone a few more or all night or all week, but alas I had to come back and do mom things.   

I started with a real clear idea of the colors I wanted to use and then it went rogue on me again.  I put some nice yellows and reds out to paint my little magician and do some highlights and a bit in the clouds but next thing I know all of my lovely grassy hills and rocky mountins came alive in shades of red. 

At some point I realized that they were the exact opposite as the colors I planned, red being the contrasting color to green.   I also realized that they were the colors of fall which is in full swing here.  I didn’t plan on fall colors at all but there they were.  Something that mostly proves to me is that when I paint I really let my subconscious take control, and apparently my subconscious has also been appreciating the fall colors and thought it appropriate regardless of what I thought consciously.  The subconscious is making decisions without consulting me first, though I give it license to do so, within reason.  


Next day:

Looking forward to painting some more tonight.  I notice that I feel like I worked on this painting pretty fast and yet it still took me a month to do.  It’s just a slow, slow process.  And 78 is a lot of paintings.  But I am almost there!  

This painting really impressed itself on me too.  At first I couldn’t seem to focus on any one, then when I decided to start with the 8 of Wands the 8 of Swords butted in and said You have to paint me now!     The 8s are awesome, I love them; I mean as a concept.



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