8 of Swords Finished

It’s done.  8 of Swords

I’ve been busy mostly trying to knock back the gaudy colors.  I’m not 100% happy but am I ever?  I feel like it gets the point across though which is most important. Another biscuit!

My problem was in not sticking with the plan, being too spontaneous.  I mean, that kind of thing is nice but I still need to direct it, stay in control and conscious of what I am doing. 

Something that struck me when I was looking at it as I was working with the scan, is that the Magician in the doorway could also be the woman that often appears blindfolded in this card!  I hadn’t even thought of that before.  She is even in red a good part of the time.  Now I will have to make my evening chore (a fun one!) breaking open all my tarot books and seeing if I can find why people have painted her the way they have.


Anyway, I can read this several ways, that you are the woman inside one tower and the Magician is counter to you in the other tower.  Or, you are viewing the woman in the distance.  

What does the woman represent is the major question I have right now.  There are a lot of clues in the 8s and for me personally for some of the things/symbols I associate with the 8s.  The Whore of Babylon, the woman who subdues the lion in strength, Justice, etc.  I think this will be an answer that will develop more fully as I complete the 8s if I even remember asking it! 

The first thing I think of is that a woman, as opposed to a man, is a symbol of passivity, gentle strength, internal, receptive and yet the red counters that, red is in so many ways a projective, aggressive color that moves forward, it does not recede.  It is hot, not cold.  There is nothing clear cut in my painting that the woman wears red however.  She may, if that is her in the black tower.  She may if she is you, but you don’t see her. 

A woman in red in a tower sounds very much like that powerful, aggressive part being restrained.  And as a matter of fact I have been experiencing that lately, not so much personally but how women are treated in our society. 

It doesn’t have to be women, though, it could be anyone who feels like they aren’t able to outwardly express themselves.  Look at the ruckus going on about prop 8!!!  I am 100% totally for gay marriage btw.  I see absolutely no good reason to discriminate against them.  I was so proud of CA allowing gay marriages and now I just feel sick about it being taken away.  I just don’t understand.  

That could be a reversed meaning for this card.  Something to think about, a jumping off point. 

Anyway, I think this is a very magicianish card.  It will be interesting to get in a reading.

Oh hey, I just remember that I have been meaning to mention that I realized I got 2112 and 2012 mixed up as potential D-days!  LOL Too much RUSH I guess, hee hee.  So 2012 is the year we are all supposed to die or we flip a new paradigm or some such.  I am not too worried about it myself but find it interesting that people latch onto that date.

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2 Responses to 8 of Swords Finished

  1. Beautifully done! I like that the gate is far enough away, the ‘imprisonment’ is not as ‘boxed in’.

  2. Tarotsmith says:

    Thanks Michelle!!

    I tried like crazy to find your tarot paintings on your website but only found one, and it was gorgeous. Are there others on there too?

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