The Key to Manifestation

I hope I can work on the next card tonight.  Last night was nixed because it was Sophie, my beautiful, wonderful, baby’s birthday!  She turned 11, I can’t believe it!   That also means the Mary-el is set to turn 11 too as I started it when Sophie was a baby.  I so thought I would be done at year 10, ha! the universe had other plans.

This extra day or two gives me some time to tie up the loose ends and finish recording my perceptions on the 8 of Swords.  The impressions I have had with that card are so intense and involved I have had a really hard time articulating them. 

The way I look at it the 8s are the fulfillment of the 1s, of the Magician, the manifestation of the pure potential of the 1. 

I know this goes a little counter to *common knowledge*  that would place 10 as the completion of the/a cycle, but hear me out.

10, it is true, is the base of our number system and you would think that what begins in 1 ends with 10.  But, 1 and 10 are exactly the same.  The difference is, to make something complex sound overly simple, that the 1 is accompanied by a zero. The Zero is you, or me, or an infinite number of things.  The difference between 1 and 10 is the difference between looking at the whole of the universe as a singularity and looking at it as millions of things working together, a multitude and a multitude of points of view.  Same thing, different POV.

9 is the real end of the cycle, the last novel thing.   1-9 = a full cycle. 

The 8 is the manifestation of the 1, the completion of the 1.  Imagine that the Magician holds all of the keys or potential a person might have, or anything, any subject from beginning to end, it begins with potential.  In 1 – 7 you work and strive for that full potential.  YOU CREATE THE CHANNEL THROUGH WHICH THE LIGHTING WILL STRIKE AND CAUSE MANIFESTATION IN THE 8.   You walk through the gate of completion.

Some of the ideas I have for the rest of the 8s are based on something I have noticed in many many myths, legends and religions, it is that at some point the traveller, the hero, will come to a point where he will be riddled, or tested, or put in a position to look at himself  through some sort of gate, barrier, mirror, or oftentimes a sphynx or lions gate.  At this time you will be riddled and you will have to look at yourself honestly and completely and find the truth.  It is always said that many fail this, they die, they go insane, they are devoured by the sphynx, they are killed by the lions. 

I think this test is you reaching your potential, your personal truth – no one else’s. 

When that happens you have made it, you have accomplished what you sought, in pureness of heart you have grabbed the holy grail.  You have manifested the potential of the Magician. 

If you fail you become someone without a purpose, insane or dead symbolically.  It is likely a symbolic death but I wouldn’t rule out it ever being a physical one.  This cycle may play out over and over with small accomplishments in life, or once for the big things, your magnum opus.

Once you accomplish your work you are not done, you now need to use what you have learned to help others achieve their goals.  You BECOME the Magician.  You are the Hermit.  The Hermit is the Magician manifest.  The Magician is spiritual and perhaps may come to you as a helpful outside force.  The Hermit is you giving of yourself to help others, to guide them. 

The 9 or Hermit is the link in the continuity of the cycle. 

Off to catch up on some housework now and contemplate the great 8s.

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