8 of Disks Rebeginning

Did you know the Sun has an 11 year sun cycle?  Every 11 years the Sun’s sunspots go from maximum frequency and intensity to minimum and back again and during that time the Sun’s magnetic polarity reverses.  To come back to the same place with the same polarity takes 22 years (Can you see the figure 8 in this?  Can you see the major arcana in this?). 

I have been thinking about it a lot because Sophie just turned 11 and the Mary-el project is about to turn 11 as well.  Having Sophie was the most profound thing to happen to me in my whole life and my whole world changed because of it.  Working on the Mary-el has been life-changing as well.  I did think and hope I would be done with it before year 11, but I think I will be done this year.  I like the poetic symmetry of working on the 8s as I move into year 11 and also that 11 is the year I will end the creation process on.



I began the 8 of Disks in earnest last night.  I got quite a bit done though I had a head start; I had gotten pretty deep into it before when the 8 of Swords interrupted.  Now I need to get my head back in the place I was before, even trying to remember what the heck I was up to.  But it’s good to take a step back sometimes too and see things freshly.   Basically I am doing 2 lions/seraphim, 1 lamb and a black box.   The lion’s names are Ariel and Michael; Ari means lion and Michael is the archangel I would assign to fire though I don’t remember exactly how I came to such strong feelings about them in this card.  I hate saying that, but like I’ve explained before a lot of this, for me, is like in a dreamworld and I have the worst time remembering stuff later.  Like, I did an interview with someone recently who asked about a card I painted a long time ago.  I had just done some extensive writing on it too, and had planned on altering it a bit to illuminate some ideas to fit it into the rest of the suit.  But at that moment heck if I could remember what the plan was or what the card meant!  It’s so weird.  I do wonder if I am just losing my powers of memory or if it is the dream effect.  Probably a bit of both!


Exactly for that reason I have been keeping copious notes for a long time now.  I make written notes which I keep and then I have the notes I do on the computer which I was printing out for a while just in case but it got unwieldy, there is so much of it.  I think when it comes time to write the book it will be like learning all over again and not only will I re-experience each card as I originally saw it but then I will have the new experience of seeing it in the context of a whole completed deck and viewing it with my present understanding of things.  It will be a process!  I have been thinking about doing readings for people with it, my proto-deck, to start tying things together as well.   I think the cards will present themselves in new and unexpected ways in readings.


The Sun will not complete its cycle in this for another 11 years.  By then I will be 51!  I WILL be done by then!  But soon it will be out of my hands.

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