8 of Disks Rough Sketch

This is where I am at so far.
This sketch is still pretty rough.  I need to go over some stuff, some details, and then I can work on the final sketch.  I don’t think it will take very much longer though and then I will paint!  I have also been thinking about an old painting of lions.  It was the….4 of wands I believe. I had just started painting it when I was interrupted by something big – it was either finding out I was pregnant with my son or when my landlord called and said he was selling the house we lived in and we had 30 days to move and ended up moving out of state.   I stopped working on the tarot for a while and when I got back to it I had different ideas for the card.   So now, since this one is similar I think I will dig the half done painting out and finish it just for fun.  A Lion bonanza!  Maybe it was a 5.  I don’t remember.

I need to figure out colors for this too.  It’s pretty firey for a Disk card!  But I try not to discriminate.  Especially in disks I have noticed all the elements get representation and sometimes it slants more toward one or another.   I feel the same with color, I would rather let them evolve naturally than force everything into some predetermined color scheme.  That does not mean I don’t find color to be important!  Or that I don’t apreciate the colors found in, for example, the golden dawn decks which have a very specific set of colors for each card.  Not at all, it is just that I am not illustrating the same point of view as them and therefore we don’t have the same rules. 

Anyway, I have seen this card 2 different ways, with a lot of reds and also with a lot of earthy greens and siennas.  I’ll have to figure out how to reconcile it.  Maybe its a combination of the two.

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