Blissful 8 of Disks

I spent Monday night clarifying the 8 of Disks image and going over the symbolism.  Tonight I should be able to start on the final sketch.  Yippee!

I remember now why the lions were Michael and Ariel.  I couldn’t find it all in my notes (I now have 72 documents 1-10 pages long each, not including the posts here, about the 8s) but one morning as I was waking up I ‘got it’ or ‘remembered it’.  The two pillars in my 8s, the columns which hold up the gates, that make up the doorway to what lies beyond 7, are Strength and Justice. 

Michael is the Archangel of Justice and is often depicted holding the scales and a sword which he uses to defeat the dragon, or satan.  To me the big key to the Archangels is their name and Michael is said to mean ‘Who is like God’ which is also the angels battle cry when fighting the minions of evil.  Now I am no expert but but I wonder if there is any relationship between the word Hebrew word MYK and the Greek MIC  or micros which means small; making Michael mean something akin to a smaller version of God, a fractal portion of God, a *microcosm* of Gods *macrocosm*.  Just a thought. 

Ariel means literally Lion of God.  Ari is Hebrew for Lion and El is God, as in all names ending with El. 

I have a hard time even articulating the fullness of the meaning of this as I find a lion such a huge, powerful symbol that people have worked with back into the far reaches of time. 

Are the angels or archangels real?  I don’t know, truly.  I think there are forces that we don’t understand in the universe that we can sometimes experience and those forces can be named – and there  you find the angels and gods and djinn, lwas and the like.  Is it natural phenomenon or is it an intelligent force?  Again I do not know, I think that is akin to asking if there is a soul.  We feel it, experience it, guess what it is, name it, but is it different than or separate than our physical bodies?  I don’t know. 

Something that became clear to me when I read the Book of Enoch was that at one time angels were thought to be personifications of all of the forces of nature, they moved and regulated the sun, moon, planet and stars, the regulated the tides, they guarded the growth and direction of every living thing, they basically carried out the will of God which was a vast plan toward a predetermined end.

I guess my belief is that they are names we give things/forces we sense but don’t completely understand.  Further I tend to think they are the souls of concepts that have a life of their own.  For example, I think, stirring right now would be the great soul of women’s equality.  I don’t know her name but I feel she manifests in successive people through time until finally her will is done and then maintained.  Michael would be or could be the soul of justice, karma, bringing light into the darkness, fighting against what is wrong and defending what is right.  That’s a huge concept that goes back to the beginning of time as well, it is integral to the nature of life and thus Michael is very important.  Michael in many guises is recognised by many peoples and even today though it isn’t often talked about openly, at least not the people I talk to, Michael is something that is very meaningful to a lot of people.

Ariel, is more remote.  Something that comes to mind is the lion-headed gods and guardians of the Mesopotamians.  The Sphynxes, Greek and Egyptian.  The power and glory of the Sun, brilliant creator of life and cruel destroyer of life.  Yang.

Strength and Justice, Babylon and Jerusalem, Power and Glory, which reminds me, Netzach and Hod for those kabbalistically inlined. (orange and green, hooyah)

I also believe that we as individuals are much bigger than we perceive ourselves to be, even universally big, and to pass through a gateway of these….archangels… to be allowed into a perception of our larger selves, I mean it is something that is already there we just don’t see it. 


Contemplating poetry – I have long thought that for some reason words take on much more meaning when put into song and the same is true for poetry.  I think I figured out why.  Poetry forces you to arrange words in a way that produces a rhyme or rhythm. Luckily we have so many words in our language that you can find many that have the same or similar meanings and so when fitting them into this pattern that you have chosen you use a word that might not be in the natural or normal flow of language and something in your mind is jerked out of its regular processing and has to contemplate it in a new way.  That is like opening the gate, or at least cracking it a little bit.  Anything that allows your perception to shift away from what you see is normal cracks open that doorway.  Some things blow it wide open. 

Initiate yourself into something.  Go through a highly symbolic ritual stating an intent to learn, grow, sacrifice whatever and you tell your subconscious, go ahead and open that door.  It might just say, ok, and throw the doors wide open and then you are in for the ride of your life as your perception is expanded beyond belief.

I have come to the belief, the VERY strong belief, that you can find enlightenment in anything at all as long as you love it with your whole heart and look deep enough. You can find it in sports, in needlecraft, in any kind of religion, in childrearing, in robotics, in physics, astronomy, and on and on and on and on.  It all contains the same patterns of truth.  Maybe the key is, the big thing is to find that one thing which you are most suited to and then find a way to pursue it.  What is that expression, finding your bliss?  Chasing your bliss?  It is YOUR highest potential.  It is becoming your potential.  Man that’s good stuff. 

Ok, I guess I am rambling, but I am enjoying it.

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  1. Ian says:

    I would really like to add something more thoughtful or deep than what I am about to say, but somehow, it also fits perfectly:



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