Sacrificial Lamb



I hope all of my US compatriots out there had a great Thanksgiving, we sure did!

Now I know eights seems all high up there, or even low down there but if you think about it they are really grounding.  Two 4s perfect and balanced.   This card has really been talking to me about grounding, grounding your wishes and dreams with action.  Grounding your actions with careful intention and heart.

I am doing details on the lions now.  Yes that is 4 eyes you see in each of their faces and sigils too.  I have always liked sigils and I find them especially appropriate for the angels because you are making a symbol out of the name. 

If you don’t know what a sigil is, it is a magical symbol for something and these ones in particular are made by taking the rose from the center of a rosy cross, which in itself is ingenious, and you trace the word over the letters inscribed on the petals.  The Hebrew letters are arranged with 3 petals in the first row for the 3 mother letters, the 7 double letters is the second row and the 12 single letters is the third row. 

Those are the Hebrew letters ‘SHIN” in each of the lion’s crowns.  Shin means Fire.  The symbol on the lambs forehead is Phoenician for Mem which means Water.  Together they spell Shamash, an ancient Sun God.  I will have to write more on that later but I don’t feel like dwelling on it at the moment.

Something that has occurred to me since I first started the 8 of Disks was that this was the Ark of the Covenant.  The Lions are the two Seraphim that adorn the Mercy Seat.  The lamb, here, appears to be the manifest God taking his place.  I want to say that I don’t mean this to be Jesus Christ.  I mean this to have symbolism that pre-dates him and perhaps inspired his myth as well.  The lamb, sacrificial lamb even, is a very potent symbol.

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  1. I love how the lamb is the character that engages the viewer…

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