Monday’s work on 8 of Disks


That’s what I got finished last night.   About 4 hours of work there, plus the 4 from a few nights ago.  Work is a very bad word for it though, play, joy, ecstasy even.  I have so much fun, I crank up the music and tune out the world.

Anyway, look how small a width that lion is fit into!  That has been one of the big challenges of doing this tarot, always fitting compositions into a tall slender area.  The more elements there are the more difficult it gets.

It’s probably hard to see here but I exaggerated the 3 additional eyes because if I made them as small as the original eye his face would just look dimpled.  I must say, I like it.  I can’t wait to paint it.   I have been trying really hard to give up on realism, to just go with the flow of the image, I really do like art like that better, it has more heart and soul to me. 

So that’s Michael.  I have to resist the urge to give him a sword, but the feathers are almost interchangeable to me, with their dual nature, shape, and affinity for Air. 

Good news!  I looked out on the porch last night and what did I see?  The opossum had returned!!!!  He’s alive!  I don’t know where he’s been, but he is back!  SOooo happy to see the little guy.  I tried to snap a picture but they were coming out too dark to see much without the flash so I went and found a picture of one that looks like him (or her).


And, I’m going to the dentist today :0

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