Grandma’s House


I don’t think I have ever posted updates real time before! 

Didn’t get a whole lot done last night or at least not much dramatically obvious.  I spent a lot of time refining and planning.   Oh it is torturous to pace myself like this but it’s effective, I have been making real progress.  I am like the turtle that finishes the race. I have to tell you I know of many GOOD artists who have been lost in the vortex of tarot, reworking, reworking, reworking, never to emerge with a complete deck.  Many have tried and many have died!  Of course many have made it too, many brilliant pieces of work.  Imagine all the brilliant ones that never came to the light of day, hmmmmm.

That just made me remember the dream I had last night for some reason.  I moved into my grandma’s house and then proceeded to rearrange that house for my own needs.  I took down the clothes lines across the front and packed away the baby clothes, I packed away incomplete sets of beautiful china.   I better call my grandma and make sure she is ok and tell her I love her!

Interesting that I have moved into a new dream house.  It was a really nice house too.  Old, traditional, whitewashed, with a nice stairway entry with , ha!  I just remembered, little cement lion entry guardians.  It wasn’t huge or fancy, just a good old fashioned family house.  Ahhh it makes me long for CA again because it had an old garden.  The gardens here are different, sniiiifffff.  I would give a million dollars to spend a warm afternoon digging in a nice old rose garden with the kids.  Man, it’s making me tear up.

Before my turn in the office came around I spent the day, the whole day, going over and resizing images for the website.  I want to put some larger images for all the cards like I have been lately and I want to start offering prints.  And maybe readings too.

I really need to rescan a lot of these paintings.  But not this week.  It was hard working with some of those old paintings that I did years ago now, I don’t usually go over them with a fine toothed comb like this and I realize there are a lot of old ones I don’t like anymore.  Nothing to do with the concept of the card, just I think I have gotten to be a better painter and think I could do a much better job now.  I could probably redo half of the major arcana.  I have to hold back though because that wouldn’t be productive.  I just have to let it go.  Its a journey, I tell myself.  There are a few I want to redo just because I don’t feel they illustrate the concept I want, but I’m not going to redo any because of the quality of the art, as much as it may annoy me.

I just told Michael about the house dream and he rolled his eyes, he thinks I am so over-dramatic lol.

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