1 Card Reading


Here is last night’s progress.  Just plodding along, slowly fleshing them out.  Maybe 2 or 3 sessions will do it.

The Universe was nice enough to drop me a one card reading today.  I was stepping around the car, which was parked on the side of a slope leading into the forest and I was looking down admiring the rocks which were of a different sort than the ones at my house, when I noticed a card down the hill a bit near a rocky river bed.  I picked it up, of course.  The back was a blue and white pattern similar to the china pattern in my recent dream and there was even a circular shape in the middle.  The card itself was a 5 of Spades which I just now realized I had been reading as a 5 of Wands but is really a 5 of Swords. 

As a 5 of Wands I was reading it as meaning that even though my energy was at a low point I should persevere, funny because earlier I was thinking about how parents who have really sick kids cope and my answer to myself was that they could handle it in many ways but in the end they just had to keep on doing what they needed to do.  This was hours before finding the card. 

I was thinking about that because I had another long night, this time it was Freya with the 103 fever and with the problems she has had with her lungs it really worried me.  We were up all night and then I took her in this morning and the doctor said that her lungs were fine, phew.  I had to stop and fill a prescription for her, buy a birthday present, then run home, grab Rex and head off to a birthday party that we were about 10 minutes late to.  Leaving the party is when I found the card – definitely in a low energy moment.

Now that I realize it is a 5 of Swords, well that slightly shifts the meaning.  Now, reading my card, I would say that it means that even though times are difficult I have help, even unseen help, even dare I say – help from my ancestors or spiritual beings. I’m going to keep that in mind when stuff gets tough.

I have decided today that my goal for the next year is to find a way to connect with the earth here, something I really need. The help in that respect would be appreciated.

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