Navigating the Labyrinth

I awoke this morning with visions as Santa Claus as a great Charioteer!  Circumnavigating the whole world in on night, or one day, as does the Sun, spreading gifts to all good boys and girls, as does the Sun! 

I see tarot everywhere.  That isn’t correct – I see a pattern everywhere and I see it in tarot too.

Here’s something fun:

It’s a screenshot of my Orphalese with all of my cards I have recently added.  So that is what the whole deck looks like now, and there are the 7 or so spacer cards I have added to my proto deck so I can do readings with it.  The image is a bit grainy….maybe I should do a clickable webpage- I think I’ll add it to the to-do list.

I did a reading for myself the other night based on the 4 elements with the internal/external descriptions, this is how it went (a quick summary version):

Question – How am I doing with the 8s?


Card 1

What is External and Transcendent.

Fire.  This is what is beyond your senses or knowledge but very real none-the-less.

The Ace of Disks.

The Minotaur!!  First, Taurus is my birth sign so I feel this means me at birth and the Labyrinth is my travels through life and through the creation of this tarot.  Now in myth the Minotaur came about when King Minos was sent a pure white bull as a sign from Poseidon that he approved of his ascendancy but he was supposed to sacrifice the Bull back to the God.  He didn’t and ended up cursed with his wife falling in love with the bull and bearing his child, the Minotaur. 

Is there a caution here for me to not hold onto this gift too tightly but to release it to its fate when the time comes?  I’ll keep that in mind, and consider this card a blessing of sorts, from the gods. 

Card 2

What is External and Pragmatic.

Air. This is the cold, hard reality around you.

6 of Swords.

Raphael guiding and protecting children.  I almost find it funny to draw this card in a position meant to be pragmatic!  But it covers all of my responsibilities and tells me that I am doing a good job balancing both the spiritual aspects of my life and the very real responsibility of taking care of my children.  Spiritually, I am guiding these cards artfully into the world of the living!  I am Raphael and the children are the cards.  It is nice for the 8s because my spiritual  life is a reflection of my physical life. 

Hey, it just occur ed to me that when you see the travellers as well as the dog, Raphael is guiding the Fool here, he is unseen in the ‘0’ card, but visible here in the 6.  I may have made that connection before, but forgot it 😛

Card 3

What is Internal and Subconscious.

Water.  This is what is going on inside me in my little world of archetypes, genetic instincts and desires, emotional pulls and all of the other unseen forces that lie under the surface of my knowing.  I might project this stuff onto what lies outside of me because I don’t recognise it as coming from myself.

The 7 of Wands.

Nice!  True, if this were to consider elemental dignities this card would be antithetic to the position of water and interpreted as somewhat negative and even neutered – but I see it as…..a spark of light in the deep dark ocean.  This card means to me all that is pure and heroic and noble!   (If I may be so bold) I would say this confirms what I really know, that I am doing this tarot, and these 8s, from a pure place untainted by any other agenda.  But if I know this how is it sub my conscious?  It could mean the driving force behind my actions.  Also, it could mean that contrary to what I think maybe it is a bit prone to being idealistic and unrealistic.  But I’m doing it anyway!  I really like this card here.

Card 4

What is Internal and Conscious.

Earth.  This is what you are aware of, what you know, the state of your ego.

And I draw the incomplete 8 of Wands!

Haha!  Of course, always, I always draw the cards I am working on.  This will be one of the next 2 cards I paint and is very much on my mind and in my consciousness.  This is going to be the lion-headed god carrying the human.   This is going to be transformation into the Lion-Headed-God.  Wait, is that a bit megalomaniacal?  Delusional?  Hey, I’m about to transform into a GOD.  Meh.  I’ve thought that for a long time, old news.  I think everyone who accomplishes their purpose in life will. 

I can’t remember what you call it, but there is the belief that a job of humans is to take this fallen energy from the broken sephiroth and return the little pieces back to God.  (I had that in mind for the Hermit, btw, the next round of cards).  Being transformed into a god, not necessarily in whole but in part, whatever little thing you do that restores -gods will- maybe is liberating it into the lion, a yod, which will then move back into the body of god.  All speaking symbolically of course.  

I take his as a very good card, not just for my beloved 8s, but also for the fate of the tarot deck and maybe even for myself – that I will accomplish in life what I was meant to accomplish.  I hope, like the 6 of Swords, it carries over not just into the spiritual realm, but into the physical realm where I always seem to have more difficulty.

_end of a very pleasing reading_

Some more random contemplations.  I was thinking yesterday that I was going to have so many lions in this deck when it was done I should almost call it the Mary-Leon tarot!  I won’t but I like it.  I realized, then, that while the 8s are all about the Lion which is so very solar, the 7s were likewise all about the Wolves which are so very lunar!  Strength, Justice, Star = Sun.  Chariot, Tower=Moon.  Tower Moon you ask?  Abso-frakkin-lutely!  Look at most Moon cards and there are the Towers looming and reflecting, oh yes. 

I wonder, if there is a lunar influence on the 7s, is Odin , as I felt his presence so strongly there, lunar?  I always thought his eyes were 1 the sun and 1 the moon,making him all inclusive, but maybe the one seeing eye and one blind eye, or one eye looking out and one eye looking in were symbols of the full moon and the new moon?  Interesting thought. 


BTW, I found a text version of that book onine, The Lion of Jachin Boaz and Boaz Jachin.  I started to read it and to be totally honest it made me feel physically ill.  I’m not sure why and I don’t usually have such a strong reaction to things like that.  But sheesh I just found it so disturbing.  Maybe it got better but up to where I read the lions were just symbols of male potency, completely disregarding women or character or nobility, or courage….I guess all the things that make that symbol great to me.  It was interesting, and talked about things I am highly aware of – the bas-reliefs it talked about are ones I have greatly admired, but it spun them in such a light as to make me really depressed!  Anyway, I couldn’t read it and wish I didn’t read as much as I did because I really liked the quotes from it I read, taken out of context. 

I had another really emotional response related to the 8s.  I had just come up with what I thought was a great idea for the 8 of Cups and I was just randomly surfing the web when I spotted a picture of a really cute little girl around 2 or 3 that looked a lot like Sophie looked at that age.  So I clicked on it and read the whole page which was a memorial.  Her name was Lily and she died from a genetic immune deficiency.  God, it was so sad I can’t stand it.  Somehow the two things got linked and every time I think about the 8 of Cups I see her little face.  The overriding theme of the 8 of Cups is one of sacrificing the self onto the death.  I just realized that, too, they just found the body of little Caylee Anthony who is also the same age as my daughter Freya, 2-3.  Her mother doesn’t appear to have the self sacrifice mechanism.   I get so emotionally involved in these things – maybe what bothers me is the thought that there are some things that no matter what you do, sacrifice yourself to death even, you cannot change.  Yes, powerlessness.  Would that not be the opposite of what the 8s are about?


Ok, I think I have run out of chatter for the day.  Tonight I work on the 8 of Disks some more.  I want to get on with it, I have a ton of other ideas cramming into the door!  I MUST work on them!  Too many paintings, too little time!

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