Protector and Devourer

We took both of the kids in and the Dr. had them both get a chest X Ray; Rex has pneumonia and Freya just had a lot of fluid in her lungs = 2 sick kids!   

The reason I bring this up ,beyond the obvious, is that  I have seen shades of this card I am painting.  First, just in 2 kids burning up with fever.  Now, there are all kinds of reasons for the symbolism I used in this card but don’t you find that often in readings it is so much simpler?  Just an image that reminds you of something going on in your life, a mirror.  No rules, nothing complicated,  just a recognition of something that looks like something happening in your life. 

Now they are taking all kinds of yucky medicine and just generally not feeling good and Rex in particular has been finding a lot of comfort in having Haiku around – a few times I even thought it was a perfect representation of the strength card, except instead of a woman and a lion it was a boy and a dog.   Even the cat has been sleeping with them and basically staying near them.

When I showed Michael my 8 of disks he said it looks like one lion is protecting the lamb and one lion is trying to eat it, which made me a little surprised because that is not what it looks like to me.  Of course what you see is colored by what is inside of you so each persons vision will be different.

In a way his statement came to fruition last night.  We were all in the kitchen making Christmas cookies when Haiku came up and started gnawing on Sophie’s foot.  She shook him off and he snarled and bit her!  She screamed and the other kids scattered.  There was blood everywhere.  She is ok but a little worse and she would have needed stitches.

Isn’t that terrible!!!!  I feel responsible, since everyone has been sick the dog has been neglected pretty much, he’s just been stuck in the house and he is a seriously high energy dog.  This is a serious situation but I know my lack of attention in that area helped lead to it.  I can go on and on about the reasons I think this happened and what I plan on doing about it but I will spare you.  The point is that Haiku reflected the lions (which he does resemble a little now!) as both protector and devourer.

This is another card I can’t wait to see how it presents itself in readings!

I don’t have a picture to show today, I only worked on it once but didn’t get a scan as Rex hijacked my computer to play games on.

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