Now It’s Done


(Edited to add:  I notice WordPress’ crunching of this  image made it blurry, if you want to see a sharper version go to my website – )

It’s a biscuit still, but, I have to tell ya it is pretty close to that wedding cake.  I think it is as close as I could do on this scale and completely resembles the creatures that inhabit my dark regions whatever they may be. 

Is it a good tarot card?  Is it a beautiful tarot card?  I think so, and I don’t know because my eyes are bugged out from looking at it so long.  I need to see it in context of the other cards.  I know it is quite a bit different from the 8 of Swords, but that is by design.  This card, to me, is the point where you have stepped through that gate in the 8 of swords and then say oh shit, what did I do?  And realize that reality is far different than what you believed or imagined.

All of the elements are there, the Star is Air, the Lions are Fire and are marked with Shins, the lamb is water, marked with a phoeneian Mem, and the blak box at the bottom is earth. 

Something I have been struggling with for a long while is the placement of water.  Most of the arrangements I use puts earth at the bottom and water just above, but I sense that it is below earth and have a hard time reconiling that.  I think it is time for me to shift my thinking on that again.  I was looking at my, zodiac I guess you could say, and had it rotated so South was not to the right but to the Top, so it would be like this:



Earth                          Air



This is different in that Fire and Water cease to be the Yin and Yang but become the changing elements but earth and air are the, say, pillars -holding them up, ontrasting and reating a doorway.  It says to me that the body and the soul are not becoming each other but are paralell and balanced, equal in importance.  They are the poles and axis points while Fire and Water are like the equator. 

Well, I am learning that I can see it many ways and they are all right.  And that is one of the beauties about tarot, it is ambiguous enough to allow the freedom of all of these realities to co-exist, and to exist with equal relevence to different people in all the stages and phases of their life and understanding.    I am starting to find it distasteful to say there are any associations that aren’t flexible. 

How can so many things be true even when they contradict other truths?  I think things are so huge and complex all we can do is focus on one small part at a time and it is really diffiult to see all of the angles.  At some time you might be able to loosen your focus enough to take in that giant whole and see the beauty in how all of these things work together. 

Anyway, there it is.  Now I have a lot of updating to do to my website.

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6 Responses to Now It’s Done

  1. Beautiful! It will probably take weeks to begin to ‘see’ it again if you’re like me! 🙂

  2. Ian says:

    The way I do it (and place cards when needed, on a spread, for instance) is: Earth below – the base; Air above – the higher realms and mind; Water to the left – the invisible and heart of things; and Fire to the right – the visible, manifest flame.

    And yes, that is a 4.

    (un)fortunately(?), I know how the card depicts me. It’s exactly like this: “This card, to me, is the point where you have stepped through that gate in the 8 of swords and then say oh shit, what did I do? And realize that reality is far different than what you believed or imagined.”


  3. Tarotsmith says:

    Thanks Michelle:)

  4. Tarotsmith says:

    Hi Ian:)
    You describe my usual arrangment, which I like a lot.
    Well, I hope it turns into a fortunate experience! The way I see this card there is nothing that wasn’t already there, you just weren’t fully awre of it, but now you can’t unring that bell and the knowledge will stay with you forever.
    The next few cards should be interesting too. I will probably start on the 8 of Cups later tonight and it will be about self sacrifice.

  5. ironwing says:

    This one’s a little too Book of Revelation to ever be one of my favorites, LOL! But the delicate little lamb is perfectly done – his expression is great and he looks almost opalescent.

  6. Tarotsmith says:

    Thanks Lorena, good to see you!

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