8 of Cups (darn I lost count)



You know what I think one powerful meaning of the 2 lions and a lamb, or mercy seat, or throne of God, is?  I think its the heart and lungs.  We know this, feel it and perhaps feel that is the seat of our divinity; our heart. 

I was working on the mane just a few minutes ago, and one little piece of it was stretched out towards the thumb of the child.  I thought, hmmm, let’s make them touch and thought that special moments, symmetries or maybe peculiar things that are so great when captured in photography are easily possible by will in a painting.   And I erased the end of the mane and stretched it to touch the thumb and I felt this great energy go through me and I still feel all tingly and I felt as though a piece of a mane, a divine mane, touching a human is like touching a ray of the sun.    Either that or its all the M&Ms I just ate kicking in, hee hee.   

Looking at this it is now reminding me of wings on the head.  I was moving some change today and found a mercury dime which actually shows winged liberty. ….reminds me of it.   

Here is a nice picture with a similar feel I found tonight:


That lion’s name is Jupiter and he was rescued from a circus nearly starved to death.  That woman takes care of many animals rescued from similar situations – she is a hero in my book.


(ETA: I found a video of this and it’s even better than the picture, if that’s possible – the lion Jupiter hugging the hero Ana Torres:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEyKS2P_j20)

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3 Responses to 8 of Cups (darn I lost count)

  1. I love following the progress of your cards, thanks for posting them!

  2. I love that picture! I had no idea that there was a video…. I had a lovely black cat once. I named him Sultan.

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