8 of Cups continued….


This is last nights work.

It’s just going to be a lot of just repetitive detail from here on out.  I have been thinking about the colors I want to use.  The kid….I had an idea of what the child should look like and I didn’t want it to look like my kids, mostly because I think they are very cute but not very exotic like I pictured.  And yet, now that I have drawn it it look kind of like a combination of all 3 of them anyway!  I guess I really can’t get away from ….well, the proper shapes of things and such resembling what I see every day – my own family.  I actually love seeing that in other artists work, a set of coloring and features that flows through all they do.  I suppose there would be cultural similarities as well.  It’s good. 

I have been thinking about hero’s a heroism a lot with this card, and wow, Captain Sully!  What a perfect example!  And now I find myself thinking, over and over about the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz.  Its the curly hair that’s doing it.  I don’t remember if it discussed that in the book, but in the movie he only had the really fine coif near the end – maybe I’ll get the kids to sit down and watch it with me tonight to remember the exact circumstances.  Was it when they first got to Emerald City and were received and prepped to meet the Wizard?  I don’t remember. 

I have to admit that I wasn’t always a fan of the Wizard of Oz.  It really isn’t until recently that I appreciated it at all.  I always found it creepy.  The flying monkeys, the poppy field…..but maybe I sensed an uncomfortable truth about it.   And now, feeling like I , at least somewhat, understand it it isn’t very scary or creepy anymore.  It still is a little though.

Of course the lesson in the end was that the lion always was courageous and just thought he needed to get it from an outside source where he needed to look within the whole time.  Perhaps it isn’t so cut and dried and his courage needed to be developed by the journey to the Wizard.   Maybe that is what the 8 of Swords is like, peeling back the curtain where the real wizard is hiding (sniffed out by the dog, our animal instincts) and finding just ourselves, our own mirror – nothing Wizardly at all but ultimately far more vast and profound.

I was thinking last night that the definition of my own religion, if you could call it that, is the pursuit of my own genius and the acknowledgement of the genius in all other living and non living things.    I also thought that a statement like that probably wouldn’t fly the next time another mother from school asked me which church we go to.  LOL.  It’s usually something more along the lines of, uh, we don’t go to church.  I never know what to say.  Around here it is more freely discussed than in CA.

Ok, this will definitely fall under the category of too much information, but I think this is funny.  I was at the ob/gyn getting a new prescription for birth control recently.  As I laid, prone and stirrupped, the doctor snapped on his gloves and proceeded to tell me how an ‘unclean’ woman (she was having women issues he informed me) had touched the hem of Jesus’ garments and been healed.  So, as far as he was concerned Jesus was the first OBGYN!!!!  Oh my god, I didn’t see that coming! LOL.  It’s a little different here than in CA! 

Now truly, I don’t have anything against Christianity, I just am not a Christian.

I better stop now! ha!

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