8 of Cups X



Tonight’s work.  Again I added a card sized scan; I like seeing what they look like that size and thought you might too.  It puts things in perspective. 

Well, I haven’t really mentioned it to anyone but my feeling of missing something is starting to turn into depression and still I don’t even know why.  Beyond the usual stresses there is nothing.  

I feel like I am just wandering around looking for whatever it is that isn’t there.  And yet, I am getting a lot done, keeping on top of stuff.

You would think if I was reflecting the 8 of Cups I would have some mastery or insight into where my emotions are coming from.  I’ll have to think about that.  Perhaps I don’t have instant recognition but I have the skills to figure it out and even take care of it, that’s a good thought:) 

It’s late so I’m heading off to bed, I think I will meditate on it, see if I can follow the out of place feeling down and see what is at the root.  Good night.

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3 Responses to 8 of Cups X

  1. ironwing says:

    Your depression sounds very 8 of Cups to me. My favorite versions of this card are more about seeking than finding. RWS clones tend to focus on the negative aspects – disillusion, boredom, running away from emotional entanglement – rather than the more hopeful “emotional quest” aspect depicted in some nontraditional decks. To me, the Eights are all about doing work that is so difficult or complicated that it obscures the outcome(that’s the frustrating part) but it also involves the profound change necessary to create the progress and resolution of the Nines.
    I found that drawing the last few cards in my deck was a rollercoaster – some were so easy that they seemed to create themselves, and some were incredibly difficult and exhausting. You’re closing the circle – the creative inspiration is tighter, not as free-flowing and readily available . And there is something else coalescing in the shadows, waiting to come into being – the entity of Wholeness that you will not meet until the deck is complete, which is more than just the sum of a pile of cards, and which you will greet (at least at first) as a stranger.
    Something else is going on, more specific to your deck rather than tarot creation in general. You’ve been working on this for several years and your life and priorities have changed during that time, although the “roots” that are feeding the project that have always been there. The cards are coming from several different “places” and sources of energy (at least three, maybe more) which will make tying the whole thing together even harder, and may involve visiting yet another “place” before it’s done. The Book of Kaos is another deck that shows this kind of evolution (the creator even talks about it on his website) but being black and white and with a narrower theme, it’s not as dramatically expressed as in your deck. And check out the Kaos Tarot 8 of Cups – it’s one of the strongest cards in the deck, both artistically and symbolically.

  2. Tarotsmith says:

    Thank you for putting words to some of the things i was feeling with this card.


    That’s exactly what I feel is going on. It seems to me that emotions are a way for the subconscious to communicate with us and give us direction….so the overwhelming feeling I was having was like magma moving under the surface under building pressure.


    I was just trying to describe this to someone else – yes, I totally see what you are saying and agree completely. I am looking forward to the process though, I have a newfound feeling of confidence and competence now and things are working exactly how they should.
    I have been all over the place looking for a picture of the Book of Kaos 8 of Cups….I don’t have the deck, I can’t find it anywhere, do you know where it can be seen?

    I don’t know if you ever come back and check replies but either way, thank you, your insights are like pearls.


  3. Tarotsmith says:

    Hmmm appears that my attempt at quoting didn’t work, but you get the picture.

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