8 of Cups sketch XI (complete)



I found it quite fortuitous that the last sketch on this card was #11.   Tomorrow I will start mounting it.

My meditation session was successful apparently.  I dove all around chasing the root of the depression and found a lot of things and fell asleep.  I assume I kept working on it through the night.  And then I felt better!  And something started making sense.  I have been haunted by the Magician again and its been driving me nuts because I don’t want to repaint it.  I started to, once, a while back, remember?  It didn’t work out for whatever reason but I decided to leave it as is, and yet still it keeps following me around!

Over the last…..week maybe, I kept getting flashing images of the Magician except his robe was gone and he was now an eagle.    It finally dawned on me that while, yes, this is the Magician, I don’t need to repaint it, this is the 8 of Wands!  The 8 of Wands is the Magician reborn.  The Magician I used to see was cloaked and mysterious, calling forth a swell of water and holding a pearl full of everything.  The Magician I see today has thrown away his cloak and is a powerful eagle.  Actually, an eagle is only part of it, I think he has all the 4 animals I have been working with, eagle, lion, angel, bull.

The 8 is some kind of mysterious, complete number in itself.   I learned how to figure out numbers in octal numerals the other day. 

I have one more thing before I go….I was doing some quick thumbnails last night of the 8 of Wands at the kitchen table so I could get down some of the shapes.  I forgot it there and this morning there on the bottom of the page was a little person, obviously done by Freya, with his little stick arms outstretched like the Magician/Eagle!   I’ll have to scan it in and post it, its so cute!

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