Vulture Dream

Mary-el Cards

That’s a video I was playing around with a few weeks ago, good for passing a few minutes.

Why is it that everytime I am about to paint something comes up that tries to delay me? 

I jut went over the video above to see if it uploaded ok and I remember snippets of the dream I had last night!  I was climbing a very high mountain.  I had to wait in line though, and people went up in pairs.  While you were waiing you had to stay in these seats that were made out of stone, white, cement type stone, like……like the kind of stone you see maize ground in, and they were tilted back to you had your knees tucked up to your chest and you were facing up to the sky.

My turn came and I started ascending up the mountain.  I saw all of these vultures!  Only they were women.  They were wearing, I think they are called ‘sun hoods’, the ones worn by Eskimos as shown in my Chariot except the fringe around the face was white as snow.  They had their hoods and they all wore black boots.   They were circling around eating all the people off the side of the mountain who didn’t make it.  I didn’t think they were scary though, they were beautiful and the strange thing was that they all faced the same direction. Almost like how cows all face the same direction in a pasture – these vultures all faced the same way no matter where on the mountain they were or what they were doing.

Some of them were kneeling by small openings in the rock and it looked like they were praying.

That’s all I remember.

Anyway, I had another tooth that broke recently and last night it started hurting like hell and now I’m in total pain.  The dentist is going to get me in on Monday and prescribed me antibiotics and vicoden to hold me over the weekend.  I won’t take the vicoden though, I’ll just stick with advil.  I don’t feel like doing anything that takes effort right now though.

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