8 of Cups Ready to Paint

I got the sketch mounted and all ready for painting yesterday – I just couldn’t let it sit.  I’ll try to find a little time tonight to get over to the office to put some under coats of paint on so tomorrow night I can do some serious painting.   I also plan on doing a little bit more on the 8 of Disks, to fix that white area I don’t like.  When I’m done with all I still hope to play with that old lion painting I never finished, but we’ll see.  And I’m all fired up to start on the 8 of Wands, the last 8, woohoo!

I’m feeling a little better today, the antibiotics are kicking in.  I dread going to the dentist tomorrow, my biggest fear.  I have to gut up!  You can only play chicken with a bad tooth for so long, eh?  

I had this bad dream about the dentist last week.  I was sitting the the waiting room of a ‘hirsute’ dentist, in fact his whole family was hirsute, they had 2 offices and congratulated me for choosing ‘The Family’ to do my dental work.  So, as I waited there was a woman working in the office, about my age with curly blond hair.  She got up from her desk and walked into a room in the back.  After a few minutes another customer walked in, he looked like an uglier version of Rutger Hauer (sp?) He also had curly blond hair that was moussed so it stuck up in every direction and he was very tall.  He walked into the back room behind the woman that worked there. 

Later she came out all beat up and said she had been raped by the man.  The police came and her husband came and took her home.  She kept saying “I thought I was safe here” over and over.

That’s it.


No, I have never had that real experience with a dentist, but I obviously have issues!  I feel like I am willingly walking into a lions den.  Maybe I feel like that woman, that it should be a safe place and yet if I am not vigilant something really bad will happen.  Maybe that’s why I can’t allow myself to feel safe.  I don’t know.    Maybe someone working in your mouth is like rape, symbolically anyway, ripping things out of you,invading,  drilling in your bones, sticking needles in you, stretching, looming, trapping.


Time to gut up!  I can do it.

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