8 of Cups XIV


There it is after last night.  This is a decent, though not great, scan.  It makes the skin look blotchier than the original and the colors are less vibrant and subtle.   I’m still highly conflicted!   See how sad and anxious s/he looks?   Who am I kidding, it looks like a girl. 

I got the green toned down – I decided not to go in the direction of patina, as much as I love that green oxidized look, it isn’t right for this painting.  This still needs a lot of work and gosh I don’t know.  I don’t know if I am trying to force it to be something it doesn’t want to be or not.  I had envisioned something bold and heroic and this looks soft, dreamy, melancholy.  Is it denial on my part? 

I put in contrasting colors to cause brightness and excitement, but does color mixing really work that way and do I know better?  lol.  No, no, when you lay red an green together it makes grey, it softens, weakens, recedes.  When you put red and green next to each other they cause excitement, duh.  I know that, so why fool myself?   Very interesting.


If you look at the progression of Cups there is a rising going on, from the well in the 5 of Cups, to the Angel breaking the surface in the 6 of Cups, then the Wolf lurking just above the water in the 7 of Cups, now, if I were to use this version, the ….well, let me say that whatever it is has now risen to the state of consciousness but is still distant, and dreamy, probably like that nagging depression I had, you can feel it but don’t know exactly what it is.

It makes me interested in what the 9 of Cups will be.  I have ideas for all the 9s but you know how it goes, those ideas evolve quite a bit as we go.   It would help to know, though.

Something I have been thinking about lately is what is the motivation of the whole suit?  Where does water begin and where does it end?  What changes does it go through?  What does it want, what does it fear, what motivates it?  What is it’s enemy?  What makes it healthy?   What is it’s ultimate goal?

And related to that I really feel as though I am now experiencing the 4 worlds.  Instead of them just being a concept I really see them and feel that I am beginning to understand them.    And I see them interacting through the 4 suits.  (I forget my point, lol!)

Well, I don’t usually ask, but if you find yourself reading this, what do you think about this painting so far?  Do you think I’m onto it or am I barking up the wrong tree? (keep in mind that it isn’t finished yet)  I’d appreciate it.


Oh, and if you were interested in the video I posted yesterday and want to see the other 2 in the series, I made a new video page that is linked in the upper right here, and posted them there.

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1 Response to 8 of Cups XIV

  1. ironwing says:

    I don’t think of “bold and heroic” as being very 8 of Cups – or Water at all, for that matter. To me, “dreamy” and “melancholy” are a better fit for the 8C, though I don’t know your plan for the entire suit! But I see nothing wrong with the child looking a bit dreamy. I don’t really see anxiety here – only a vulnerability (from the face) and a self-protective pose (arms crossed in front, and the body hidden) which seems entirely appropriate for a child who is just discovering his/her source of inner strength.
    I’m not qualified to comment on the lion skin, since the Lion was my first totem and protector as a small child, so lions have a personal significance for me that has nothing to do with their complex traditional and Biblical symbolism.

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