8 of Cups Finished


There it is sitting on my table.  I think I am done.  After a full day without seeing it, when I saw it tonight It was pretty interesting!  One of the things that really stands out is the contrast between this and the 8 of Disks which is on an easel right by where I was sitting.  It is very clear and bold in color and line where this 8 of Cups is, to use the description again, is very dreamy.  It’s low key, low contrast and the colors are strangely blended.  I think in a way the experiment was successful. 

While doing this painting I have found my feelings and observations have swung wildly from one pole to the other, my perceptions are flipping back and forth.  I have to wonder if right now the lion means to me the ego which is slowly falling asleep or closing its eyes, revealing a different reality.  Not a worse or less truthful reality I think, just different. 

I didn’t do very much to it, just some minor details and then it struck me as done.  Then I saw it looked like the original image I had of it, though, and it might sound strange, I don’t know if my memory of it is accurate or if the memory of it is new.  Either way…

I spent most of the evening just trying to get a decent scan of it.  I got one that is close and I am still working to do a lot of color correcting.  I am almost there – It bugs me that a cheap digital camera can get an accurate color representation where my expensive scanner doesn’t even come close.  I have no love for that scanner.

I have more to say about it but I’m tired, so will add more tomorrow.  G’night.

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