Finished 8 of Cups


There it is.  That’s about as close as I can get it to the original (for now).  I am putting it up on the website and I found it so interesting when I put it in the page just for Cups because I never noticed that the lower numbered cups (except the 2 of Cups) are predominantly blue and the higher number cups are predominantly red.  I knew I was using both colors but didn’t see that progression before.  And the 7 of Cups is all blue, then this one is almost all red – there is definitely some kind of dance on the edge of consciousness there.  Check it out:

I also notice that there is a resemblance between the child in this card and the angel in the Ace of Cups.  Also, I notice the Ace of Cups is almost the polar opposite of the King of Cups, which was never intentional and I didn’t notice ’til now.

There is a lot of guarding going on in this suit  and at the same time the people seem very innocent, which I think is cool. 

What I was thinking about last night, about emotion in general, is that nothing we do is purposeless and I think emotion is very important.  It motivates us and it is a powerful communication between our consciousness and subconscious and I think something huge about to emerge from the subconscious would first cause a giant up-swell, like a whale just below the surface, which would be felt as a powerful emotion.  I think that is what this card is, or not just this card but this card in this position, the 8.  The 2 of Cups has the horses which embodies a lot of the feeling of Cups to me, like blood in the body it wants to move and circulate and flow freely and stagnation is its enemy.   I think the 10s show the whole story of the suit and in this one there is blood, mother and child, death.  I think it is movement, flowing from one entity to another, passing from one to another, mother to child through time and transcending death just like we as individual humans transcend the death of individual cells the knowledge contained in elemental water transcends death.

Words really aren’t my thing so I hope I am making at least a little bit of sense.

God, I am so excited to work on the rest of the cards.


Oh yeah, I should add, what do I think is just below the surface?  I think it is the Magician manifesting himself or herself.  Alright, now that I have set the bar low <riiiight> I will proceed onto the 8 of Wands.

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2 Responses to Finished 8 of Cups

  1. Ian says:

    [stream of consciousness mode on. triggered by the card, of course]

    “Who brought me here? It would seem that it was myself, but I don’t understand it – but it seems right, doesn’t it? Because this place, while strange, it’s also familiar, as if I was inside my self.”
    “But then, have I ever been somewhere else?”


  2. This is beautiful, empowering and serene. I think I will be meditating on this image. I feel a strong association with the Strength card, of course. But this, to me, represents summation of an internal journey. Thank you for yet another glorious vision.


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