8 of Wands Sketch IV



This is where I was at the night before last and I will be working on it again tonight.   I don’t know, I still feel like something is missing or wrong.  Maybe I need to have him carryiing her again, I’ll try it. 

Either way I feel like it will be resolved tonight and I will start on the final sketch.   This one looks a lot like a sphynx, doesn’t it?  I tried not to make it look Egyptian but the feel is similar.  The Egyptian Sphynx has a human head – was that some sort of declaration of their mastery over their animal selves?  Or was it a claim on divinity.  Both?  Cats and lions, mundane and divine.  Aren’t all animals though?  People have a hard time seeing themselves like that, we seperate it just like we seperate good and evil and maybe that is necessary for our own good, or was at some point in time. 


Yesterday I did a graphic with the tree of life with the major arcana on the 22 paths the way I associated them.  This isn’t comlpete, obviously.  You should be able to click for a big version.


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