8 of Wands VIII


I wanted to show you what happens when you lay the magician transparently over the 8 of Wands.   I love that the lions head is where the magicians heart is.   It has pretty much turned into the original vision I had of it except there was a cresting wave.  I couldn’t seem to work it in explicitly but I think the cover over the sleeper, which is going to be blue, is it.  Both of them are Nuit/Nut I think.  

I drew a card for this card the other day, don’t remember if I mentioned it or not.  It was XXI The World. 


I didn’t know what it meant for, oh, about 2 seconds.  Then I recognized her as the sleeper, but totally awake and empowered, mature.   What an odd paradox that seems to me!   I just had a thought – what if the sleeper resides in the world of the Major Arcana and the Lion in the Minor?   Resides isn’t a great word for that, maybe donimates consciousness.  Or is in power. 

Anyway, I will be painting the 8 of Wands over the next few days.  As soon as I have something interesting to show I will. 


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