8 of Wands Complete


I’ve gone and done it, I have finished the 8 of Wands and the 8s!  All that remains is the 9s and a card back! 

It was great!  I felt like all of these things I had been thinking about finally *clicked* and I knew what the heck I was doing. 

One of the first thoughts I had was that the Magician is not only a master of the 4 elements/worlds but he was also a master of color.  I felt like he took my hand and showed me how to do it.  These are the same colors I have been trying to get and failing and here they came out perfectly.  I mixed my own reds with permanent rose and yellow (yellow ochre and cad yellow medium to be exact).  The color on the palette was nearly identical but in the painting the vibrancy just was  incredibly better.  And all of the colors looked good together.  There was a point where I was mixing some of the reds that at first it just looked like any other color…… I should say here that I usually try not to overmix, I like that variations that can happen when the colors aren’t totally integrated.  This time, though, I kept on mixing and mixing and mixing and I saw the color change.  The green did the same thing.  And the purple.  I mixed greens, purples and oranges without a hint of difficulty.  

I had to resist the overwhelming temptation to use white or black, or to use much of anything rally, and to just use the pure color I had mixed and to trust it.  Where I needed the color deeper I put on more layers.  The blue was especially hard in that respect as it seemed really dark at first and I wanted so bad to lighten it but resisted and it worked out perfect. 

It was just good all around.  It is just how I wanted it.  It is not a biscuit it is a beautiful cake.  I think this is my favorite card, or at least in the top 5.

I learned something today I hope I can hold onto it.  I feel like I’ve turned a corner.

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2 Responses to 8 of Wands Complete

  1. Anonymous says:

    This one in spiritblowing! What great symbolism, with the hand and the claw carrying the child. Please do not loose your patience and take a lot of effort in the borders and typesetting of the cards. I’ve seen that gone wrong too often.

    • Tarotsmith says:

      Thank you!!
      I can’t claim credit (consciously anyway) for the hand and paw idea…I tried to draw them the same but it just wouldn’t have it!

      I am going to do my best to finish the job well, to the bitter end 🙂

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