9s III

More weird dreams!  This time I dreamed my daughter brought home a Stephen King book and I picked it up and started reading it.  As I read it I became part of the action, the book was happening all around me!  And I was scared to turn the page!  I guess that’s what happens when you read a book in a dream.  It was like, several layers of consciousness, or some weird different kind, yet, still an illusion because it was still just a dream. 

It’s already fading, but the hero was being pursued by a young girl or boy for some reason, and he/she had the power to manifest into anyone anywhere, Matrix style.  The only way you could tell the person had been possessed was that they would be wearing some article of clothing made out of crochet (LOL!).

The child also had a protector in the form of a big furry black dog, Newfoundland like.  He was fundamentally good, but would die to protect this evil child and so he was very dangerous. 

The hero was making his way across the country slowly collecting a band of people he could trust  that would join the cause.  The last thing I remember was that these people were camping out in the middle of the desert on a hill and I was stumbling around in the dark, tripping over scrub, to hear what they were saying around the campfire.

This wasn’t last night but the night before.

What has been really haunting me about it is the dog.  It reminded me of the Hermit in my Marseille deck.  marseille9

Which in turn reminds me of something I read somewhere about robes of flesh.  Now I can’t remember where I heard it. 

What a weird dream.  The Hermit and a dog?  I had equated the Hermit more with the Magician, but is there something to the hermit being like the dog in the Fool?  And how strange that that would almost make the Fool an evil child.  I can see it but it requires an adjustment in my thinking.  It could have just been in context of the book I was dream reading, but I tend to think these days that none of these dream symbols are arbitrary, they are all highly pointed representations of something.  What is ‘evil’ after all?  Sensory?  Oh yes that’s probably it.  wanting to experience all the fruits in life, good and bad, rather than just wishing for the perfect peace and harmony of an afterlife or something similar. 

Anyway, I am highly annoyed that I can’t just get down and start painting the 9s!  Once again, what I thought I knew was incomplete.  It’s aggravating.  Don’t think I’m saying that I think I know everything!   I know very well that I don’t know jack!  But I did think I had somewhat of a handle on the 9s. 


I did some sketching last night, but mostly vague ideas, nothing fully formed yet.   Right now I am seeing more colors than anything else.

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