9 of Wands, Crowley, Thoth, Babylon.

I finally saw the Chemical Wedding (now renamed ‘Crowley’ for the US) movie yesterday.  I thought I wasn’t going to like it but I did.  It was definitely a ‘B’ movie, maybe even a C or D, lots of sex, orgies and a funky urine fetish.  Did Crowley really do those sorts of things?  I don’t know – don’t really care, to tell you the truth.

It was funny though, because I am definitely biased….I have been reading and watching interviews with Bruce Dickinson, not to mention that I practically grew up watching his career…so a lot of the dialog  sounded just like his speech patterns – I could see him saying it all, excitedly motioning with his hands.  It made it a little more surreal and without that fore-knowledge I don’t think I would have got it as much as I did.

The whole movie was like a campy sideways commentary on things which have deeper meaning.  Everything in this movie had a secondary symbolism, intentional or not, colors, characters.  But, that is a lot like Crowley isn’t it, a lot of external vulgarity that sinks into things more subtle, sublime and revealing.

Strangely enough, it put me in a space of mind where I was able to work out a few problems I have been wrestling with! 

I realized something about myself too.  I realized that whenever I talk about Crowley I preface it with a disclaimer, I don’t care about Crowley, but… I don’t study Crowley much, but…, oh crap, I just realized I did it again above.

For some reason I think his work has affected me more than I have been willing to admit, even to myself.   I’m not sure where to go with it from here, but there it is.

Anyway, a very different version of the 9s have been emerging.  I don’t know why I think I’ll know before I do know, but I do every time!  Then I am surprised when a new vision raises its head and demands attention!  It is as though I come with an image of the surface and then take out a shovel and start digging.  With each shovelful a new layer of meaning is revealed, and it doesn’t just affect the card I am working on, but the ones parallel to it as well – like lines on an equalizer.

I haven’t been writing much about it because it is too strange to write about something that is so rapidly shifting!  So, I think I will abstain from card descriptions for a while. 

Of course I am still working on the 9 of Wands.  My first instinct for it is that it is fast, fierce and intense, but I think more than maybe anything it is creative.  I think maybe the Ace is more of the fast sort but by the time we reach the 9 it is a long slow burn of magnificent trans formative power, yes, power and magnitude. 

Hey, I just had a thought.  I have noticed for a long time that people interested in tarot tend to have an interest in a lot of things from the turn of the last century, art, occult philosophies, poetry, all kinds of stuff, it just seems to come up over and over.  Maybe we are all reincarnations of Victorian era occultists, strewn across the world and now coming together again…but for what?  Ah, a fun thought!

I leave you with a phrase that keeps repeating itself to me:

The Hermit is allone because he knows that everything begins and ends with him.

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1 Response to 9 of Wands, Crowley, Thoth, Babylon.

  1. Ian says:

    9 is IX, the Hermit (and Moon, as well).

    That just triggered this vision:

    Somewhere, there’s a pond in a clearing. Even though it’s nighttime, the water is warm. The sky above is clear and stars shine bright. There’s a road that leads to this pond, one that only you know – it crosses a forest and the other end is at the top of a mountain.

    You float on its surface.

    You can enjoy the warmth, letting it soothe you and heal cold wounds. (Wands)
    You can just float, let consciousness wander, water supporting your weight, yielding control to the moment (Water).
    You can look up to the sky, looking for constelations in the ever distant, almost unreachable stars (Air).
    You can go back to the shore, knowing this place is yours and that only you rule over it – it’s the whole world (Earth).
    You can dive, looking for secrets beneath the surface, on the dark soil, where light is distorted and air is but whast you bring with you (Moon).
    Or you can walk the road, up to the mountain, through the forest – the pond won’t go anywhere.

    (because 11 = 2, 10 = 1, 9 = 0)
    And, sometimes, we walk over the surface, weightless, clear, pure (Fool).

    Don’t know what to make of it, but I like it.


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