9 of Wands sketch 3


My mom has been here the last 4 days (had a good visit) so I haven’t had a chance to work on it until tonight.    I realized I made a big, big mistake.  I didn’t plan on any kind of a background.  Bad Marie!  So now I have to stop here and make some decisions and then fit it in here and then work around it.  I had been thinking about some sort of columns in all of the 9s, the Egyptian type columns in the 9D, I was thinking obelisks for the 9C, mountains in the 9S and then the 9W?  I don’t remember what I Was thinking, it might have been pyramids, or towers or some such.  It could be trees.  Maybe Towers would be best….I’ll have to think about it and make a decision.

The black and white columns are very High Priestessy aren’t they?   I suppose I see the 9s as somewhat of an anti-priestess, while the HP divides, the 9s are combining, they are bringing everything back to a state of oneness now that the experience is done and we are returning to the beginning. 

Also, don’t forget 1+8 is 9, so we are the Moon here too.  The houses of the moon….

That reminds me, Freya said something cute the other night.  She was looking at the crescent moon and said it was missing some pieces. 

Perhaps the Priestess divides you from your knowledge and the Hermit re-unites you.  Another reminder….a myth I read about twins….I have been totally into twin myths lately!!!!   These Twins were forcibly separated from one person into two at birth and then their personalities complimented each other until death.   I have so many ideas about this. I have come to realize that I have gone through stages where I was convinced this kind of archetypal symbology came from one place or another….and now I think it comes from all of them, as layers, as a deepening of my understanding of the 4 worlds.    Is there really 4 worlds?   Oh I would never say that, I would rather say it is easy for a being with a human experience to categorize it into 4 – that’s all they are categories, that’s all any numbers are, that’s all kabbalah is, that’s all tarot is, that’s all art is, that’s all a lot of things are, our way of categorizing things and making sense of them.   It’s all really so simple and chaotic and complex and beautiful and brutal.  4 is a very fine number though.


Well, its time to get back to my little band of lovelies.  I will return as soon as I can!

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4 Responses to 9 of Wands sketch 3

  1. Ian says:

    Would those columns, then, symbolize our dual nature(s}? And, unlike High Priestess, who makes us see our invisible, inner twin, would 9s symbolize how we armonize both sides? Does this happen being aware of said division or would 9s mark the point where we’ve transcended it?

    (great, great art)


    • Tarotsmith says:

      Hi Ian,
      The way I see it the 9 is where you transcend it yes. These dual natures of things are fully developed, known and balanced and then a magical shift happens and awareness is transcended.


  2. E. says:

    Hey Marie, Hope all is well. I sent a couple of emails over to you. When you get a chance check ’em out. What I need is a bit of clarity on the Star card from your original limited edition. The four beings in the background. who are they or what do they mean to you? What is intended by there being there? The more time I spend with that card the more I like it. I am curious. Thanks

    • Tarotsmith says:

      Hi E.,
      The four beings were supposed to be the 4 elements which the Star crowns, like the elements that appear in the traditional Star card.
      I’m going to go read your email and I’ll get back to you!
      Thank you:)

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