9 of Wands, no new sketch yet…

I worked on the 9 of Wands last night but image wise was totally unproductive!  It’s the darn background!!    I guess I’m not totally sold on the columns….I don’t like, maybe, adding elements I don’t *feel* there, its almost gimmicky, and yet, there is nothing wrong with some continuity between cards.  I guess the real question is, though, what is there?  I keep trying to see and don’t see anything.  Maybe that just isn’t something that exists in the highest pinnacles of Fire.  I suppose the tiger and the woman ARE the columns and repeating them is redundant. 

Maybe it was a bad idea all around – born of the 9 of Disks where everything looks like a column.

I’ll have to do more thinking on it.     I’ll let you know.

I suspect a good meditation is in order.

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