Art is Freedom

After a lot of thought I decided that I wasn’t going to force anything and so there are no columns.  Or I should say, they did not want to be depicted seperately in this image.  So, I finished up and mounted the sketch.  I let it all dry overnight and today I ill mask off the edges and start my first layer of paint.  Woo hoo!


I love this stage of a painting; the concept has been cemented and it is still full of the potential to be great… before it turns into a biscuit.  It seems to me this isn’t an unnatural process – look at things we consider spiritually beautiful, animal spirits, angels, souls of our departed loved ones – they are totally exalted, but when they are in the body they are mundane.  Settling into a body, a physical existence, humbles you, and imrpisons (in a good way) you…or wait, let’s use the word *weds* you, your beautiful spirit, with a long chain of physical evolution and law.  This actually is a little contrary to my current theories, but welcome. 

In moments like these I see these things as so real, these spirits outside of bodies, and the art isn’t much different than spirits of ancestors.   Do they exist before the body?  (art does) If they do, are they changed by the experience of life?  Or are they the same beautiful soul before and after the experience of life?  You know, this is one of the things I see in the World card, a purification that happens when something is *changed* through the experience of life.  And the Wheel of Fortune as well.   Spiritual evolution. 

I am forgettting that I believe that anything that exists once exists in eternity.  Does art have a soul?  Here is a question, do great works of art not only have a soul, but a great soul which compells an artist to bring them to life?  It certainly feels that way, and I am not the maker of art as great as I am thinking of.  I am thinking of the workds of the worlds Michelangelos.  In my mind I am seeing it like a sheet of exisence in time/space and in the middle is a dimple, and that is where it exists, that is where it makes itself exist.  I know it sounds weird but that is how it looks to me.   Maybe art is another form of life.  Imagine the great works of literature…of music…

Maybe art is a picture of soul, a physical recording of its existence.  Maybe a body is a physical recording of the human soul.  Little Lamb, who created thee?

Art isn’t constrained by evolution.  Its free.  But then again, it can’t have sex or eat chocolate!  Or love or have children to love.

Yes the Wheel, the World and the High Priestess. 


I am starting to get excited about working on the 9 of Cups next!  I just hope it doesn’t pull another bait and switch on me!  You know, where I have it all planned out, I Am all ready and then when the time comes, nope, it isn’t there anymore.  It is probably a manifestation of my current understanding and so if I jump the gun, like now, my understanding changes and thus, the image changes.   Hmmmm maybe…. but when a new paiting starts it is like a whole new spirit of it arrives.  I may have seen it before, but now it is there.  Perhaps you only see it coming from the POV of the spirit of the last painting? 

All of which makes me wonder what is next for me?  What dimple of time and space will I fall into?  Which bolt of lightning will I channel?


Has it ever occured to you that the cells in our body are animated with life force and when that is gone the body goes rapidly into decay.  The life force is inherited from our ancestors  in a single chain back into the dark mists of time.  Thus, we, as individuals, are the temporary vessel for a life form that is ancient beyond what we could ever imagine.  How will you honor that most incredible circumstance?

I just realized why the 9 of Wands has no columns, because it is free and has no inheritance, no physical monument to its history and evolution, no proper mother and father.    Art is free.

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